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Penney Store Closings of 33 Locations Will Cut 2,000 Jobs

On Wednesday, January 15th, J.C. Penney Co. announced the shutdown of 33 stores mainly located in smaller markets that have been experiencing a continual decline in customer visits. According to Chief Executive Mike Ullman, the clothing company chain has experienced a …

Red Lobster Closing Rumors Put to Bed Red Lobster Closing Rumors Put to Bed

It looks like Red Lobster fans can relax, just a little. Despite rabid internet rumors that the seafood chain is closing down, owner Darden Restaurants Inc., claim otherwise. The rumors started a few days ago when LA Weekly posted an …

Britain’s UFO Desk Shuttered: Little Girl to Blame?
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Over 4,000 pages of documents recently released by the UK’s Ministry of Defense explain why the MoD opted to close its UFO hotline in December 2009. The Ministry claimed that the UFO desk offered “no [military] benefit” and that, in …

Blockbuster Closing 300 More Stores in the U.S. Blockbuster Closing 300 More Stores in the U.S.
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As media consumption shifts to streaming and downloaded products, retailers of physical entertainment media are being forced to change rapidly or die ignoble deaths. At the same time that Blockbuster U.K. has entered administration (bankruptcy) and announced 160 of its …

Circuit City Goes Bankrupt

Just last week Circuit City announced the closing of 155 stores which meant 155 fewer music stores.  Today the retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  According to the Associated Press: