Swiss Federal Railways Accuses Apple Of Copyright Infringement

Swiss Federal Railways Accuses Apple Of Copyright Infringement

By Zach Walton September 21, 2012 | 2 Comments

Things got a little strange in the copyright world a few weeks ago when Apple sued a grocery store. They claimed that the store was using its iconic logo to trick people into buying groceries instead of iPhones. It was …

Internet Brands Acquires Several Car Forums

Cars, cars, cars – I like ‘em, and it would seem that Internet Brands does, as well.  The company, which already owned sites like Autos.com and CarsDirect, has now bought at least eight popular automotive forums.

Google May Employ Simply Hired
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This week has seen one eBusiness rumor after another come to light, and the latest nugget indicates that Google may be interested in buying Simply Hired.  If an acquisition occurs, this job search engine would fill in an obvious blank in Google’s arsenal.

Ad Exchange Market Heats Up

It hasn’t been a secret in the industry that Doubleclick is working on an ad exchange that’s something along the lines of what we do at Right Media.

Google Names Top Gadgets

The Google Desktop blog announces the winners of their Google Desktop Gadget Contest.

Toshiba’s New MeP Core Achieves 1GHz Clock Speed

Toshiba announced that it has developed a new high-end processor core based on its “Media embedded Processor” (MeP) architecture.

Microsoft Resets The EU Clock

By submitting a proposal to comply with last year’s Commission ruling, the software giant earns a temporary reprieve.

No Rush to Buy Dual Core

With the release of dual-core processors this week, the tech world has been a-buzz. But it may be a while until the full utility of this advancement can be recognized.

Winning The Fight Between You And The Clock

“Slaves to the clock” was the cover story in the March issue of CEO magazine.

Working Your Business Around The Clock!

At the dawn of the Information Age came the fax-on- demand…information received instantly by using a fax machine.

It’s 11 O’clock — Do You Know Where Your Web Site Is?

One evening not too long ago I was looking through my web site traffic logs, looking for patterns that could help me improve it. I was in the section that shows the pages visitors enter and exit my site. The page addresses begin with my domain name, such as http://www.zmoon.com/webdesigntips.html. However, on this occasion there were several listed that started with some name I didn’t recognize.

Does Your Web Site Beat The Clock?

Tick, tick, tick. That’s the sound of those all important 10 seconds slipping away – the average amount of time a visitor remains at a web site before clicking on.

That is, unless you give them a reason to stay.