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Presidential Candidates and Analytics

I thought it would be interesting to look at all of the top presidential candidates and see what they are using for analytics for their site. I visited each site, viewed source, and looked for Javascript code or any other trace of analytics code I could find.

Politics, Glad-handing, And Social Media

Although it’s John Edwards who has made recent news over his choice of bloggers, it looks like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton have been the ones making better use of social media.

Hillary Clinton and Web 2.0
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Either someone smart is working with Senator – and would-be POTUS – Hillary Clinton, or she is a lot hipper to the Web 2.0 jive than I might have thought.

Obama Versus Clinton – The Net Battle

Freshman Senator or former First Lady, that could be the choice Democratic primary voters face when selecting a Presidential nominee for the 2008 election. Tendencies of their demographics have begun to emerge on the Internet.

The Feds Wish You A Happy Holiday
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The US government, via its revamped FirstGov platform, has plenty of suggestions on how people can handle all that the holidays throw their way.

Google Censorship Viewer

Want an easy way to view regular Google results side-by-side with censored Google China results?

A9 Now Has People Snoop, Er, Search

Amazon’s A9.com search engine now lets you be a giant gossipy snoop. Zoom Information Inc., a search engine engineered to collect information on people and offer automatic summaries about them is now the default source of people information on A9.com.

Bill Clinton Spends Time in Redmond?

Rumors are always abound all over the place. It could be your cousin is seeing someone a little older than they should be. Maybe your brother got a speeding ticket no one was supposed to know about. Or perhaps a former president of the United States might be considering a job at the top of a tech company.

Blogger: Clinton Could Be Next Microsoft President

This will be one heck of a scoop for citizen journalism if it turns out to be true:

Clinton To Redmond And Other Tech Rumors

In an industry where speculation, guesswork, and leaked information form the bulk of the stories generated in the news, this week in technology pretty much took the biscuit.

Clinton Takes Aim At Pediatric AIDS In Africa

Former US President Bill Clinton offered a light of hope to the impoverished and AIDS-stricken African kingdom of Lesotho by opening up a pediatric AIDS clinic at the Queen Elizabeth II hospital. Around 22,000 children are HIV positive in the tiny country with an HIV rate of around 30 percent.

Grand Theft Auto: Senator Clinton Wants To Know About Sex

Senator Clinton is demanding the Federal Trade Commission look into charges the racy computer game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas contains sexually graphic footage and activities in the game .

Google Comments On Anti-Clinton Ads

Whenever someone has their Google AdWords ads pulled, the person trying to direct the blame at Google instead of looking at their ad content to determine why it was denied usually follows.


Want to know what Google thinks of any person, place, thing or date? Googlism it! You call up the Googlism page and enter in the subject matter, and Googlism then lists snippets of information that is culls from the Google-indexed web pages of the world.

Bill Clinton Helps Launch Accoona Search Engine

Bill Clinton helps launch the Chinese backed search engine and gives them words of encouragement that would make Google cringe…