ClickTracks Releases Version 6.5

ClickTracks Releases Version 6.5

By Manoj Jasra March 6, 2007

ClickTracks is ready to release version 6.5 of its Analytics software, "designed specifically for the needs of sophisticated marketers deploying high-traffic ecommerce and large-scale web sites."

ClickTracks Deals

ClickTracks is offering a discount on both ClickTracks Analyzer and ClickTracks Optimizer.

Interview with ClickTracks CEO John Marshall

Last week I got the opportunity to speak with the CEO of ClickTracks John Marshall. During the interview I was able to get his views about topics such as the Web Analytics Industry and J.L. Halsey’s acquisition of ClickTracks.

ClickTracks: Web Analytics Sins Exposed

On September 18 and 19, 2006–next Monday and Tuesday, ClickTracks Founder and CEO John Marshall will present a class entitled “Web Analytics Sins Exposed.”

ClickTracks Sold!

Web Analytics Company ClickTracks has recently been acquired by J.L. Halsey Corp.

ClickTracks Gets Big Sales, Gartner Coverage

The web analytics company announced a record sales quarter and the addition of the company to coverage by Gartner in its MarketScope for Web Analytics.

The Great Click ‘N’ Fraud Swindle

A variety of scams, fraudsters, and software tools could contribute to as much as a billion dollars of fake click activity each year.

ClickTracks Adds Click Fraud Detection, SEO Tools

Version 6.1 of ClickTracks was released today with several new features:

Google Analytics Cautiously Reopens Google Analytics Cautiously Reopens

Users who want to be part of Google’s online website analytics service should start checking their inboxes for an email invite from Google to join the program.

Google Analytics Is Pretty Good

I’ve been using the Google Analytics service for a few weeks on WebProBlog … and I give it two thumbs up.

ClickTracks Launches New Optimizer Tool

ClickTracks has launched a new mid-range analytics product, ClickTracks Optimizer. Designed for consultants and search engine marketers …

ClickTracks Unveils Version 5.0 of its Web Analytics Software

ClickTracks Analytics, Inc. (www.clicktracks.com) today announced the availability of version 5.0 of the company’s web analytics line of software. ClickTracks Analyzer 5.0 and ClickTracks Professional 5.0 keep the same intuitive, highly visual user interface of previous versions of the programs, while adding more features.

A Unique Approach to Web Traffic Analysis

Understanding Web traffic can be maddening. It’s easy to find out, in general, how many visitors your site’s had, which pages visitors accessed, and even where most of the site traffic came from with just about any logging software.