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Google Says Click Fraud Only 2 Percent
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Defying the third-party firms that sell themselves to customers amid claims of greater incidents of click fraud, as much as 20 or 30 percent, a Google executive claimed the actual rate is only about 2 percent.

Nothing New On Click Fraud

There’s a reason I didn’t blog the Washington Post article on click fraud, this past Sunday. There wasn’t really anything new in the piece and it just felt like another opportunity to keep the “the search engine sky is falling” flame fanned.

Click Fraud Down By 0.3 Percent

The industry average click fraud rate trickled slightly downward in the third quarter according to the Click Fraud Index from ClickForensics; rates for top tier providers like Google and Yahoo fell nearly one percent.

Is Confidence in Paid Search Slipping?

Click fraud, a term that describes when a paid search ad is clicked on by someone other than an interested consumer (e.g., a third-party who profits from the click because they get a percentage of the ad revenue), is the 1000 lb gorilla in the jungle that is paid search. How’s that for a metaphor?

Click Quality Council Targeting Fraud

Members of the recently formed Click Quality Council want to speed up the process to establish standards for defining click fraud and valid pay-per-click activity. The white-hot issue of click fraud has become a source of greater concern for advertisers.

Google, Yahoo Facing Click Fraud Pressure

A lengthy look at the issue of click fraud, where search advertising companies and site publisher networks profit from bogus ad clicks that cost advertisers real money, indicated a light is at the end of the tunnel when it comes to confronting the problem.

Why Click Fraud is Still a Problem

Business Week has an extensive look at click fraud – yep, can’t go a month, without someone doing an expose on click fraud.

Woman to Google: Define ‘Fraud’
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A Washington, D.C-based corporate psychologist and jog bra seller filed suit against Google last week for $250,000 claiming the company wrongfully removed AdSense from her website.

Google Disputes Third Party Fraud Detection
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Engineers at Google have performed an analysis of click fraud consultants and claimed they have fundamental flaws in their approaches.

Top Search Engines Work Together on Click Fraud

CNET has details of a new alliance by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask.com, LookSmart and others to form the Click Measurement Working Group.

IAB, Google, Yahoo Defining Clicks

The Interactive Advertising Bureau and Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask.com, and others have established a working group to define a standard for clicks, in an effort to identify valid and invalid ones on search advertising.

Judge Approves Google Settlement

Google’s part in an Arkansas lawsuit comes to an end after an Arkansas judge approved a $90 million settlement reached by the two sides.

Google Click Fraud Report In Court
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As part of the Lane’s Gifts v Google settlement, an independent expert reviewed Google’s click fraud processes and practices.

High-Priced Keyword Click Fraud Rises

Analysis firm Click Forensics recently released their Q2 2006 figures for their Click Fraud Index and found a not-so-little surprise in the numbers.

Troubling New Study On Click Fraud

Market researcher Outsell Inc. has determined that click fraud is a big issue-“big” in the sense of a “$1.3 billion problem.” Their study also found that the issue has driven advertisers to spend less money with the major search engines.

Click Fraud Prompts SEMPO Study

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization and Fair Isaac will partner on preparing an in-depth study on click fraud.

Google Settlement Brings Unhappiness

A $90 million settlement of claims brought in a class-action click fraud lawsuit against Google has been approved by the courts, but a number of people have filed complaints with the bench about the settlement’s terms.

Advertiser Sues To Block Google Settlement
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One can imagine Joseph Kinney’s thoughts, when he learned that the only cash handed out from Google’s click fraud settlement was going to attorneys, and that in order to claim his compensation (paid in advertising credit), he would have to re-launch the Google ad campaign he had already abandoned.

A Penny For Your Click Fraud?

Can you guess who benefits most from Google’s $90 million click fraud settlement? You get three guesses, first two don’t count. That’s right! The plaintiffs’ attorneys will receive $30 million. Advertisers opting for the settlement will receive less than a percent of their total claim in Google advertising credit.

We Told You Click Fraud Wasn’t That Bad

I’ve never believed click fraud was running in the +30% range and now Elinor Mills has details of a new report that suggests it’s actually less than 14%.

Report Refutes Click Fraud Rates

The pervasiveness of click fraud was at one time estimated (primarily by companies like ClickDefense who sell preventative services) to be as high as 30 percent. But a recent analysis by newly developed Click Fraud Network (CFN) drops the estimated click fraud rate to around 14 percent overall.