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Click Fraud Higher than Search Engines Suggest

Fair Isaac is dipping its toe in the click fraud tracking waters, with the release of its own study into fraudulent search engine clicks.

Fair Isaac Enters Click Fraud Debate

A study of click fraud by Fair Isaac found 10 to 15 percent of ad traffic is “pathological,” and is more of a problem than companies like Google and Yahoo want to admit.

Shuman: Google’s Down With CQC

The eight principles the Click Quality Council would like to see search engines adhere to in improving PPC quality; Google’s cool with all of them.

Eight Principles Of Click Quality

The Click Quality Council has released a list of eight principles they believe should act as a blueprint for creating industry-wide click quality.

SES – Ghosemajumder Discusses Click Fraud

At the 2007 SES New York, Google’s Shuman Ghosemajumder responds to the question: (abbreviated) "How is it possible for Google to identify click fraud when an aggressor utilizes rotating proxies?". Shuman responds by discussing the Clickbot A botnet case and how Google deciphered the click fraud in that situation. This video was taken during the "Auditing Paid Listings and Click Fraud Issues" seminar that took place on April 12, 2007.

Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement Approved
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This week a San Jose federal judge approved a settlement in the class action click fraud suit brought against Yahoo from several advertisers looking to recuperate $5 million in legal fees and credits for fraudulent clicks that date back nearly three years.

Yahoo Acknowledges Illicit Clicks Exist

The company has made its first ever disclosure on the clicks it discards, numbering between 12 and 15 percent of the ones it receives as either "invalid or of inferior quality.

Click Fraud and Web Analytics

Gord Hotchkiss recently wrote an excellent article for Media Post’s SearchInsider explaining click fraud from Google

AdWatcher – Click Fraud Detection, ROI Tracking

AdWatcher is an all-in-one tool that monitors your ad campaigns for fraudulent activity, helps you track your Return on Investment (ROI), and manages your online advertising from one place.

Boris Mordkovich, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at MordComm, the company that develops Adwatcher, kindly agreed to answer a few of my questions:

Google On Click Fraud
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Detected click fraud that must be refunded to advertisers occupies a minuscule bit of all the clicks on ads run by Google’s clients.

Let the click fraud debate begin again. Google has put a number to the click fraud it misses and must reimburse to its AdWords clients. It’s a teeny tiny number: 0.02 percent.

Evaluating Ad Impression Metrics

Click fraud, along with other methods of generated false or inflating statistics concerning ad impressions, has been the subject of much debate throughout the industry. Some reports indicate that fraud is rampant throughout the online advertising realm, while other statistics suggest that click fraud and other shady practices aren’t as prevalent.

Click Forensics Battles Back Against Google Claims
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After Shuman Ghosemajumder posted a pair of blog entries attacking the click fraud assessments and methodologies of companies like Click Forensics, that company’s CEO Tom Cuthbert and a couple of other executives took to the blogosphere to respond.

Believe it or not (and you might not believe it), Cuthbert and Ghosemajumder are not strangers peeking over the tops of opposing trenches, tossing mustard gas and grenades at each other in a virtual sense.

Googler Fires Back At Click Fraud Report

Shuman Ghosemajumder dedicated two blog posts to blasting ClickForensics and its latest assessment of click fraud taking place in the pay per click industry.

Why We Can’t Trust Click Fraud Numbers
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Back in December, I caused a little bit of a ruckus when I posted information from Google that suggested click fraud rates were a fraction of a percent.

Content Network Click Fraud Tops 19 Percent

The measurement of click fraud by Click Forensics said pay per click (PPC) fraud hit 19.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2006 across search engine content networks, while the overall industry average reached 14.2 percent.

Grad Student Gets Grant to Study Click Fraud

University of Louisville graduate student, Li Ge, has been awarded a $149,923 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to engage in research regarding data mining and click-fraud detection.

Causing a Stir with Google Click Fraud Report

It seems like the conversation I started about Google’s click fraud rate, has rolled down the hill and picked up some momentum.

More than One Side to the Click Fraud Story

The votes are in, and a sizeable percentage of commenters appear to believe that Andy Beal’s exclusive on Google’s click fraud detection process is just telling one side of the story.

Just How Heated is Click Fraud?

It’s amazing just how heated of a subject “click fraud” is. When I published details of my conversation with Google, I made no attempt to cover both sides of the story.

Click Fraud, Google, Botnets, And More

For any of our blog readers who also listen to our weekly segment on Webmaster Radio to keep informed on the latest goings-on in the search engine world you’ll know that Jim Hedger has been promising a big story for the past couple weeks. Well it’s finally out there and as promised, he doesn’t disappoint.

Click Fraud Concerns

WebmasterRadio.FM has released a fascinating, if not alarming, story series based on the issues of click fraud and terrorist fund raising that is sure to be the subject of many water cooler sessions. As the story unfolds we will know more but here is a snippet that describes the concerns/accusations against the pay per click industry: