Click Fraud Articles

Know Your Clicks, Google Says
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Advertising clients who feed Google’s revenue machine may not always know the difference between an illicit click and one that’s outright fraudulent. Google wants them to understand which is which.

Click Fraud Rate Up, Botnets Blamed
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Criminals who automate their way to profit at the expense of pay per click advertisers likely drove an increase in illicit clicks in Q2 2008.

Citysearch Accused Of Encouraging Click Fraud
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IAC’s Citysearch.com picked up a lawsuit accusing it of ignoring and even helping to generate illicit clicks on ads placed on the local search site.

Click Fraud Takes A Break

Figures from Click Forensics showed a decline in click fraud rates for the first quarter of 2008, although they were higher year over year.

Yahoo Slapped With Million Dollar Click Fraud Suit
· 10

Collectibles site Bigreds.com filed against Yahoo over alleged click fraud that happened between 2002 and 2006.

Logfiles – Google’s Click Fraud Fighting Ally

The third in a series of We Heart Log Data posts from Google brings back an old friend and a controversial topic.

Yahoo Partners With Click Forensics

Yahoo has partnered with third party click-tracking firm Click Forensics to combat click fraud.

Click Forensics Says Fraud Is Up (Again)
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The latest Click Forensics report has arrived, and the company’s data doesn’t look at all encouraging; it states that the overall industry average click fraud rate in 2007’s fourth quarter was 16.6 percent.

Ask Settles Click Fraud Suit

Advertisers who purchased advertising from IAC or Ask between August 2005 and the present are eligible for reimbursement due to a click fraud settlement between Ask and Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles.

Click Fraud Thriving On the Web
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Click Forensics has released its pay-per-click (PPC) fraud numbers for the third quarter of 2007.

SES: Search Engines Talk Click Fraud

At SES San Jose, representatives from the big four search engines talked about the persistent threat of click fraud, and how they are fighting back to protect their advertisers.

SES San Jose Separates Click Fraud Discussions

The lively and attention-getting click fraud session at SES San Jose has been split in half, as the four major search engines will not share a stage with third-party marketers and click analysis firms.

Google Opens Traffic Quality Center

Google’s debut of the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center closely follows the arrival of a similar service from Yahoo.

Yahoo Opens Traffic Quality Center

Click fraud and its related issues form the focal point for a newly-opened point of reference at Yahoo Search Marketing.

Google To Offer AdWords Phone Bill?

Google may provide "phone bill-like" documents for its AdWords customers, in some way itemizing clicks for advertisers to make it easier for them to gauge the level of click fraud present on their accounts.

The Shifting Sands Of Click Fraud
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No one debates the existence of those who would perpetrate click fraud on advertisers for financial gain. Gaining a better idea of the scope of the problem has been harder than pinning sand to a wall.

Click Fraud Up In Second Quarter

Click Forensics has released pay-per-click (PPC) fraud figures for the second quarter of 2007.

AdWatcher Seeking Advertisers For Fair Isaac
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The entry of Fair Isaac into the click fraud venue spurred a lot of debate with the arrival of their preliminary report. Fair Isaac will try expanding the data with the help of click fraud detection firm AdWatcher.

Google Responds To Fair Isaac Claims
· 1

The early results of a click fraud study by Fair Isaac found advertisers being charged for illicit clicks, at a far higher rate than search engines like Google claim takes place.

Lies, Damn Lies & Click Fraud Stats
Fair Isaac Corporation (FIC), a company with years of experience detecting fraud, recently turned their sights on click fraud.  FIC, who in the past has dealt with credit and insurance fraud, issued a press release with some early findings.  They report click fraud rates in the range of 10 to 15 percent.  But wait, it gets better…

Click Fraud Unbeatable Without Advertiser Data
· 2

Joseph Milana, chief scientist at Fair Isaac, discussed the early results of his company’s click fraud study in an exclusive chat with WebProNews.

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