Bradley Manning To Be Arraigned On February 23

Bradley Manning To Be Arraigned On February 23

By Drew Bowling February 9, 2012

After being held without trial for over a year and a half, the Army private accused of conspiring with Wikileaks to leak classified material finally has a court date. Pfc. Bradley Manning will be arraigned on February 23rd on all …

Newspapers Sniping Over CareerBuilder

McClatchy, Gannett, and Tribune own parts of the CareerBuilder job listings site, but McClatchy is starting to feel like it’s just heard the song stop during musical chairs, and all the seats are taken.

Monster Rampages With New Pricing

The job classified competition with CareerBuilder has heated up, with Monster.com readying new strategies to fight back against the news publisher/Microsoft-controlled site.

Yahoo Loses HotJobs Power Broker

Dan Finnegan will leave Yahoo at the end of June, after having worked on building the newspaper consortium that places Yahoo ads and local search on paper websites.

Google Flips PennySaver With Ad Deal
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The weekly shopping guide publisher PennySaverUSA.com, part of Harte Hanks Inc., inked a deal with Google that could turn the publisher’s thousands of sales reps into AdWords sellers.

Online Video Shifts Into High Gear

“This is my car. That’s where I spilled coffee. Oh, and this is where the dog vomited.” All right, so perhaps that wouldn’t be the best use of online video advertising. But according to a new report, automotive online video classifieds – and many other types of car-related, Internet-only videos – are on their way.

Fox, MySpace Ready To Roll Their Own Ads

Fox Interactive Media now has the tools in place to start relying less on third-party ad placement systems and more on what they can sell based on the data they have, like all of those MySpace profiles just hanging around the social networking site.

Microsoft, Baidu Partner In China

MSN and Windows Live have chosen to try and gain the hearts and pageviews of China’s growing Internet userbase by teaming their job search with Baidu’s paid search ads.

Local Publishers Can Hold Against Craigslist

Somewhere at the top of the Silicon Valley, Craigslist has upset the status quo of publishing; only the most dedicated websites can survive the hazardous venture into the Valley and face down the Colonel Kurtz of online classifieds.

Yahoo HotJobs Frozen Out Of Canada

A partnership with Workopolis will put Hotjobs on the sidelines in Canada while giving Yahoo listings from the dominant job board in the Great White North.

Monster Heating Up Job Boards Battle

Job boards stand to gain tremendously over the next several years, and the competition between two of the top sites, Monster and CareerBuilder, will increase along with those markets.

Yahoo’s HotJobs Partnering With 176 Papers

The company’s deal with seven newspaper groups will give Yahoo a possible extension beyond job classifieds to working with publishers on contextual ads, local search, and other revenue generating possibilities.

Live Expo Finds Jobs With CareerBuilder

The Windows Live Expo team added several features to the site in recent weeks, including job listings from CareerBuilder.com.

Newspapers Divvy Up CareerBuilder, Topix

Gannett, Tribune, and McClatchy have reworked their ownership percentages of online classifieds site CareerBuilder, the Topix.net news aggregator, and the ShopLocal.com search engine.

Oodle Opens Its Classified API

Classifieds search engine Oodle.com made its application programming interface generally available today, and introduced a new affiliate program for API users.

Jobster Rings Up Investment Cash

A total of $18 million traveled into job search website Jobster, with half of the cash coming from Reed Elsevier, the publisher that owns LexisNexis and Hollywood trade paper Variety.

Microsoft Taking Classifieds To China
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Windows Live Expo, Microsoft’s answer to Craigslist and Google Base, will be launched in China and five other countries before the end of 2006.