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‘Lost’ Snake Rediscovered on Mexico Island

A species of snake not seen for almost 80 years was found on a remote island off of the Pacific coast of Mexico. Hypsiglena unaocularis, commonly known as the Clarión nightsnake, was first described by American naturalist William Beebe during his voyage to Clarión Island in 1936. Beebe encountered a single specimen, and the snake was not seen again in …

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Clarion Nightsnake: The Lost Species Re-Emerges In Mexico

A rare snake species once presumed “lost” forever has been rediscovered after a gap of nearly 80 years! The Clarion nightsnake is a species of snake that was first discovered back in 1936 by American naturalist William Beebe. Clarion was the name of one of the Revillagigedo Islands, the place where he first spotted the reptile. Unfortunately, subsequent trips back …

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