Claria Articles

Claria Ditching Adware When AdCenter Debuts

News of Claria’s move could build on reports of a Microsoft trademark application for a name similar to that of a technology owned by Claria may mean the Microsoft/Claria takeover talks could be taking place in the background.

Behavioral Analysis: Is Claria Building the Next Great Search Engine?

Claria’s RelevancyRank, a search technology under development, challenges Google, Yahoo, and MSN with a comparison of where they would rank the sites that RelevancyRank (based on behavioral indicators that Claria gathers by following users around with its adware) would rank in the top ten for the phrase “cheap tickets.”

Claria To Enter The Search Industry

Claria, one-time producers of the infamous Gator Wallet, has announced their intentions to enter the search engine industry market, but with a little twist.

Microsoft Not Going To Buy Claria?

Ed Bott links to ClickZ News that says Microsoft won’t buy Claria. I can neither confirm nor deny THAT rumor either.

Microsoft: Were Not Soft On Spyware

Redmond responds to customer complaints about alleged preferential treatment of potential takeover target, adware maker Claria.

Ed Bott Tears Boing Boing A New One Over MSFT/Claria Story

Ed Bott does an excellent job calling out Boing Boing on their half-assed attempt at issuing a correction to their rumors-cited-as-facts post about Microsoft and Claria last week.

Microsoft’s Scoble Against Claria Purchase

Hey, my brother is blogging for ComputerWorld and says “Microsoft about to buy into a BIG mistake.”…

Microsoft Planning To Take Over Claria?

“Microsoft is reportedly eyeing yet another acquisition, but this buyout may prove to be a lot more controversial.