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Top Seven Strategies to Help You Market Your Local Business Online and Market Your Virtual Business

Roughly 75% of the business owners I speak with in any given town or city see little, if any, need for an online presence.

Apple And The Love Of Blockbuster

Steve Jobs will take the big blue and yellow signs along with the customer lists Blockbuster owns and turn them into an Apple digital video empire, in a scenario contemplated by pundit Robert X. Cringely.

Google Paying Frisco To Setup Wi-Fi

Not only has Google made the city of San Francisco an offer to provide city-wide wireless Internet access, the city may even make money on the deal.

Yahoo Local In Every City

The search engine and portal company has unveiled the next generation of Yahoo Local, and claim to have every place covered.

Income Up For National City

National City reported its financial results for the second quarter with net income of $625 million compared to $519 million in the same quarter last year.

Smart Parking Meters – City Life Worsens

I was reading a piece from CNet reporter Michelle Meyers on smart parking meters that monitor your parking space and when you leave they reset the counter to zero.

Baseball Game To Start On Xbox: Most Brilliant Publicity Stunt Ever

In a brilliant (albeit wacky) idea, the first two innings of an actual minor league baseball game will be played on an Xbox, with the third inning picking up where the virtual game left off.

Circuit City Shorts Out Earnings

Higher costs related to the electronic retailer’s efforts with re-branding Canadian stores and improving customer service drag down earnings.

Circuit City and RadioShack Dispute Rages On

Circuit City and RadioShack are in the middle of a dispute in which company gets to use the name RadioShack in Canada.

Circuit City Announces Financial Results

Circuit City reported results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended February 28, 2005.

Kansas City Southern Completes TFM Transaction

Kansas City Southern completed its purchase of the controlling interest in TFM from Grupo TMM, in accordance with the terms of the Amended and Restated Acquisition Agreement.

Circuit City Pushes Back Earnings Report

Circuit City issued an update regarding the Company’s scheduled year-end earnings announcement.

Circuit City Changes Senior Management Structure

Circuit City Stores today announced changes to its senior management reporting structure.

Circuit City Recieves Takeover Bid

Circuit City received an unsolicited takeover bid of $3.25 billion from Highfields Capital Management LP to take the company private.

Circuit City Gets Acquisition Proposal

Circuit City received an unsolicited takeover bid of $17 a share from Highfields Capital Management LP.

Steve Rubel Coming to a City Near You

During the first half of 2005 I will be out and about evangelizing blogging and/or community marketing at a number of different events.

Blogging: This Is My House – Let’s Build A City

Have you ever thought about your blog as your house … And your contacts with other bloggers resembling “life between buildings” …

Reasons for Google’s Buyback

According to a report that appeared in the Associated Press, search engine Google is preparing to buyback 23.4 million shares and options that the company may have inappropriately issued. In a filing done through the SEC, Google states that the buyback window for current and previous employees will close on December 30th.

City Uses iQ Networking for Spam and Virus Elimination

Qwest Communications International announced that the city of Missoula, Mont., has selected Qwest’s wide area networking (WAN) solution, known as iQ Networking, to help it control and eliminate unwanted spam and viruses that present a strain on the city’s network.

Pick a City – any City

Operating your own city guide on the Web can be interesting and very profitable. Almost every city already has at least one city guide. But there is always room for one more. For example, I live near Phoenix, Arizona. I could call my site “The Best Guide to Phoenix”, “The Official Guide to Phoenix”, or “The Complete Guide to Phoenix”.

The Kansas City Rules

As a cadet reporter on the Kansas City Star, Ernest Hemingway was given a style sheet containing four basic rules:
1.. Use short sentences
2.. Use short first paragraphs
3.. Use vigorous English
4.. Be positive, not negative