Netflix Announces New Original Series ‘Between’

Netflix Announces New Original Series ‘Between’

By Chris Crum October 20, 2014

Netflix, along with Canadian TV provider City and subscription video service shomi (a joint venture between Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications), announced a new partnership and original “survival thriller” drama series called Between. The companies say the deal is the …

Google Tries To Protect APEC?
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The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation will meet in Australia’s largest city in about three weeks’ time, but if you seek Google’s help to look at Sydney, you may be out of luck – Google Maps images of the area have become rather fuzzy.

The Top Electronic Retailer Sites

Amazon.com and Best Buy were ranked #1 for being the best online electronics retailers according to a Keynote Customer Experience Rankings for Electronics Retailers study.

Beaches Tops In Web Cam Searches

Ah, the Web cam. So simple, so abused. But they can be used for good, and though you might assume the Internet (as in, the collective online population) uses them mostly for nefarious and seedy peeping-Tom purposes, that’s not really true, not mostly.

Yahoo Crowns Greenest City

Yahoo wanted to find the greenest city in America, and now it has: Hastings, Nebraska.  Hastings will receive $250,000 to be used towards various environmental endeavors, and has also earned “a Yahoo!-hosted Nebraska-style BBQ and celebration.”

ABG – “Anyone But Google”
This is clearly the year of ABG – "Anyone But Google." It’s inevitable, but why are search engine pundits leading the charge?

Prizes Abound In Yahoo’s Search For Greenest City

An A-list actor . . . two fleets of hybrid taxis . . . and Yahoo!  These are the central elements of the new “Be a Better Planet” campaign, launched today.  The environment is, of course, intended to be the big winner here, but two American cities – and up to 150,000 private citizens – also stand to benefit.

Bloggers Vs. Journalists

With the growing popularity of the blogosphere, many people believe it could be a threat for journalists. At the Web 2.0 Expo, WebPronews caught up with Tris Hussey of One by One Media to discuss the growth of this matter. The print media, newspapers primarily, may need to make adjustments to keep up with the current trends.

Identifying Sites with Poor Quality

WebmasterWorld has a nice thread going about 25 signals of crappy sites. Fribble starts the thread with the notion that we spend a lot of time looking for signals of quality. But it’s also useful to look at the inverse. It’s a pretty good list, and forum members chip in a few other good ideas.

IBM & Circuit City Partner in Second Life

IBM has announced that it has teamed up with Circuit City to construct an online replica of the retail store within the virtual world of Second Life. The venture is geared at experimenting with the introduction of virtual worlds and 3-D technology into a cross-platform retail environment.

Online Holiday Sales Soar

Online spending continues to increase at a record breaking pace. Cyber Monday the first Monday after Thanksgiving saw online sales reach an all time high of $608 million. The record was short lived. Last Monday, December 4 online sales shot to $647 million according to comScore Networks. That is $39 million more in online spending than on Cyber Monday. It also marks a 26 percent increase over the same day from last year.

The Age of Decadence in YouTube, Vice City

Technology, open access to information, freedom to say what you want, or challenging long-held social mores, have never – not once in history – sat well with everyone, especially ones that have adjusted well despite the lack of those things. So the Internet is now sprung upon us, a powerful vehicle for exactly those unsettling motivations, and people are freaking out about it as their kids learn about the world, not with their parents, but with YouTube.

Early Birds Should Sleep In Next Year

I might have mentioned the advantage of spending Black Friday online (or waiting for Cyber Monday) to certain crack-of-dawn-rising family members if not for the tryptophan coma my mother caused, and for the fact that it was 3 a.m. This Internet shopping thing, according to Nielsen//NetRatings, is catching on, even if this rise-and-shop ritual is still strongly in play.

Developing That Web Style

Cascading Style Sheet standards compliance resided at the base of many complaints about Internet Explorer; its developers have made efforts to follow the standards better with IE 7, and for good reason as CSS can make a web developer’s life easier.

MySpace, Facebook Go Mobile

What do you get when you combine two of the biggest tech trends today – social networking and mobile?

No Free WiFi For Next Google City

While San Francisco will see Google and EarthLink roll out a couple of tiers of wireless broadband service, including one for free, the next city probably won’t see a free option.

Google/Earthlink Wins San Francisco Wifi Contract

San Francisco’s city panel has chosen a Google/Earthlink partnership to build a free municipal wifi network for the city.