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Watch: YouTube Users Capture Lakers Fan Riot Footage
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YouTube’s CitizenTube, the citizen reporting site that will power YouTube’s news feed, has posted some videos of riot footage from after the Lakers won the NBA championship. 

Footage includes fire and explosions. Insanity:

YouTube Begins Testing News Feed Feature

YouTube announced today that it is testing a new feature called the YouTube News Feed, which it is working on with the University of California at Berkley’s Graduate School of Journalism. The feature would track news as it breaks on YouTube.

Google Aims For Idiot Box Opposite With Citizentube

Over the years, YouTube’s been used for increasingly serious purposes.  Now, we’ve apparently reached the point at which those purposes are important and numerous enough to get their own blog, as Google’s set something called Citizentube (with zero capital "t"s, yes) aside to cover them.

DigitalJournal Gets Presidential

DigitalJournal.com has added a new section for presidential candidates to discuss and debate issues with the public and citizen journalists.

YouTube Goes Retro With Banner Ads And Pop-Ups
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When Google bought YouTube, the second question people asked (after "what about the copyright nightmare?) was about how Google planned to introduce advertising into a pure video vacuum. YouTubers have never been keen on being sold anything, not even Paris Hilton.

YouTube Launches CitizenTube

YouTube has created a channel for the politically minded and has launched CitizenTube. Their goal is to attract people to express themselves using video on political topics covering local, state, national and international politics.

Steve Grove, YouTube’s News and Political Editor will edit the channel. The channel will aggregate political videos that currently exist on the site as well as new user generated content. They also request political video links that users think deserve more attention.