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Wikipedia Competitor Released In Beta

While Jimmy Wales has been busy of late creating a new search engine and dreaming of challenging Google for dominance within the field, another Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has been working on a new collaborative resource designed at offering more validity and expertise to its entries.

Citizendium Hopes to Build a Better Wikipedia

One of the biggest criticisms of Wikipedia – apart from the addition of nofollow links – is that anyone can add, delete or modify an entry anonymously. This often causes major headaches – vandalized entries or spam links – and is the Achilles heel of the world’s most popular online encyclopedia.

An Alternative to Wikipedia
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In a Tuesday press relese, Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger announced plans to launch a rival site to the online encyclopedia. The new wiki project, Citizendium, will draw upon community experts to offer greater reliability of information.

Wikipedia Founder to Unveil Citizendium

Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger plans to unveil Citizendium, a Wikipedia facsimile that adds user registration and editorial control.

Citizendium Forks Wikipedia

Skepticism abounds as the co-founder of Wikipedia plans to start a project fork of the anything-goes online encyclopedia with a new project that will abolish anonymous editing of topics and install topic experts to oversee the content.