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BlogWorld Expo: Putting Social Media Into the Newsroom

BlogWorldWebPronews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson was present for the "Putting Social Media Into the Newsroom" session at BlogWorld over the weekend. Speakers at this session included Jason Falls, Jeremy Pepper, and Daniel Honigman.

BlogWorld Expo: Microjournalism

BlogWorldWebPronews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson was present for the "Microjournalism: Breaking news in 140 words or less" session at BlogWorld on Saturday. This one featured Robert Scoble, Doc Searls, and Laura Fitton.

CBS Trying Hand At Citizen Journalism
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CBS has launched a citizen journalism Web site where users can upload video and images of news events from their mobile phones.

Users of Cbseyemobile.com can upload content from their phones by sending an MMS to the short code "85888" or by email. Users can enter a brief description into the body of the text or email to explain what the content is about.

Bloggers & Journalists Treated Quite Differently at Conferences

At every conference or tradeshow, you get a badge.  I have a box full of them on my desk, an increasing number of them with the title of "Speaker" affixed beneath my name. 

Survey: 3/4 Journalists Use Blogs

A new survey by Brodeur and MarketWire, shows that 75% of journalists use blogs to get ideas for stories.

Journalists may not comment but they are reading…in fact, four in five say they read read blogs at least two to three times a week. Almost 30% of journalists in the survey say they have their own blog.

Journalists consult blogs for story ideas, angles and insights:

Study Looks at How Journalists Use Blogs

In a recent study by Omnicom Group’s Brodeur and Marketwire about how

NYT Featuring “Citizen Journalism” Videos

The New York Times has announced that they will begin featuring “citizen journalism” videos focusing on the upcoming presidential election. (That’s right, start your countdown clocks now, only 50 weeks left. Joy.)

Read/WriteWeb reports:

More Blogs & Journalism Discussion

Scott Karp makes a good point in a post about Nick Denton taking the helm at Gawker again (something I also wrote about on earlier). It’s pretty much the same thing I’ve been saying over and over when I talk to companies — including media companies — about blogs and social media. Let me say it again: Blogs are just a publishing system.

Jay Rosen’s New Project: Beat Blogging

I’ve been meaning to mention this before, but Jay Rosen, the brains behind NewAssignment.net and its various spinoffs — including OffTheBus, the citizen-journalism political reporting venture with Huffington Post — has a new project that he told me about when we met for a drink while he was in Toronto for the Online News Association conference (he told the conference about it too).

CBS Just Can’t Get Along with Bloggers?
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It was bloggers who forced CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather into early retirement, and yet CBS – at least somebody there – is still being condescending towards the new media.

Where Mainstream Fails, YouTube Delivers Dick
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It’s not exactly a stretch to say the White House has public relations issues. For the most part, though, footage that could be held against them has been dug up by the Daily Show more than the mainstream media. And then came YouTube.

What you might call a fringe group – global conspiracy prophets are fringe, right? – have uploaded an obscure video from 1994, where then former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney defended the decision not to invade Iraq following the Gulf War (a decision which, if you remember in fairness, broke poor Al Gore’s heart).

American Reporter’s Arrest Captured On YouTube
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I may have spoken too soon yesterday, lauding the freedom of the press in America, contrasting it with Venezuelan President Chavez’ takeover of the airwaves. I didn’t speak out of turn, however, when sharing a sincere appreciation for the power of YouTube.

YouTube Gives Straight Dope On Big Pharma

Add Big Pharma to the list of corporate magistrates that will faithfully and gradually raise consumer ire – that list already including Congress, Big Oil, telecoms, cable, tobacco, and media – as "the people," i.e., the organic proletariat that operates outside of the boardroom, subvert the previously impenetrable by taking their complaints to YouTube.

YouTube Gives Straight Dope On Big Pharma
“YouTube Gives Straight Dope On Big Pharma”
YouTube Gives Straight Dope On Big Pharma
Topix and Citizen Journalism

USA Today has the scoop on Topix.com’s (no longer .net) new initiative to encourage the general public to post news and reports from their local community.

User-Generated Content In Mainstream Media?

Content sharing sites such as YouTube have become effective platforms for many aspiring performers to showcase their talents to the world. It seems that now mainstream journalism is beginning to embrace the cultural phenomenon of user-generated content as the next step in the evolution of mainstream media.

Traditional vs. Citizen Media – Social Darwinism

I’m sure there are many out there who ask or are asked this question, and many have not yet found a consistent answer.

Reddit Carried Early News Of Thai Coup

Social bookmarking site Reddit received running commentary from one of its users in Bangkok as a military coup began to take place.

You The Next Cronkite? Yahoo! Says ‘Maybe’

Yahoo! is rumored to be launching a citizen journalist website at the end of June that will allow event spectators to record news using camera phones and upload it directly to the site.