Cingular and Verizon Are Full of It

Cingular and Verizon Are Full of It

By WebProNews Staff May 4, 2007 | 2 Comments

You would think that questions about linking to a website, or more specifically, what you’re allowed to say when linking, would have been put to rest. But that’s not true for Cingular or for Verizon Wireless, who think they have a right to control your hyperlink anchor text and where you link on their public sites.

YouTube Looks to Go Mobile

YouTube announced its plans to branch out into the mobile marketplace at the OgivlyOne Digital Media Summit. But with no clear monetization strategy and pending copyright issues, the endeavor could be met with several snares and pitfalls along the way.

IsiPhone The Holy Grail of Podcasting?

Reports this week of a deal between Apple Computer and Cingular, coupled with Apple’s new speech-recognition patent, have rekindled rumors of the company developing the much talked about iPhone. Would the advent of such a device herald a subsequent launch of wireless podcasting?

Dual Booting Windows on New Macs

I got VERY close to plunking down $2,000 for one of those new MacBooks that Apple came out with.

How to Use New Cingular Phone as Modem

For those of you who are buying the new Cingular 2125 phone (the one I have)…

Digitial Lifestyle, Movie Reviews Style

Yesterday Dave Winer, Patrick, and I were at the Metreon and said “let’s go see a movie.”

AOL, MSN, Yahoo! On The Go From Cingular

Cingular Wireless announced the addition of mobile email and mobile instant messaging for the first time in the US market, allowing access to accounts from AOL, MSN, and Yahoo!.

Real Content With Cingular Deal

An agreement with the biggest US wireless provider will see video streams to cellphones provided by RealNetworks.

Apple, Cingular Bite Into Mobile Music

An agreement between the two firms will see Cingular sell Motorola’s E790 iTunes phone.

Even Cingular Thinks In-Flight Cellular Is A Bad Idea

A letter from the nation’s largest wireless provider to the FAA advises it to keep the ban in place.

Cingular Adds RIM Rival Offering

A deal with Good Technologies will provide that service’s push e-mail alongside Cingular’s existing BlackBerry offering.

Good, Good, Good, Cingular Email

In an effort to grab some market share from Research In Motion’s BlackBerry service, Good Technologies Inc. has stopped producing mobile devices and has started making software for Cingular Wireless.

Sony Notebook A Cingular Experience

The Sony Vaio T350 includes built-in WWAN technology enabling high-speed Internet access via Cingular’s network.

Sony, Cingular Shack Up For Wireless Laptops

Sony is the first on board for the impending wires-free world. The first mass-market, cellular teched out, wireless Internet ready laptop, Vaio T350 notebook comes in at a mere (cough) $2,199.

Prepaid Cellular Of Cingular Interest

Once disdaining the high turnover prepaid market, Cingular turns 180 degrees and plans a big marketing push.

Cingular Suffers Big Loss In First Quarter

Cingular Wireless reported a loss of $240 million for the first quarter even though the company has experienced solid revenue and subscriber growth.

Cingular Alters Accounting For Operating Leases

Cingular Wireless said today it has changed its accounting for operating leases — primarily on cell sites — to conform to generally accepted accounting principles.