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Best Buy To Launch Online Movie Service

Best Buy said today it is partnering with online video provider CinemaNow to create a movie download service that would be built into most of the electronic devices it sells that can be connected to the Internet.

Best Buy said it has entered into a multi-year agreement to license Sonic Solutions’ Roxio CinemaNow technology. Under terms of the agreement, Best Buy acquired warrants enabling it to purchase shares of Sonic Solutions common stock.

Blockbuster To Offer Content On More Devices
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Blockbuster has partnered with Sonic Solutions to offer Video on Demand on a wide variety of consumer electronic devices in an effort to stay competitive with Netflix.

The two companies are working with a number of consumer electronic manufacturers, including Sonic’s CinemaNow, to expand the ecosystem of interoperable devices offering the Blockbuster service.

The devices will include PCs, portable media players, Blu-ray Disc players, set-top boxes, mobile phones and Internet -connected television sets.

Americans Favor Movie Downloads Over Video Stores
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The majority (94%) of Americans believe they make a bigger impact on the environment by downloading a movie online instead of renting or buying a movie at a video store according to a new survey from digital entertainment company CinemaNow.

According to the survey downloading movies is more convenient and environmentally friendly then driving to a local video store. Sixty-four percent said the biggest advantage of downloading online was not having to drive to get a movie or wait for a movie in the mail.

Movies For Sale Online Legally!

Except for the high prices, restrictive usage terms, and no extras a la typical DVDs, Hollywood has at least attempted to enter the downloadable movie market.

CinemaNow To Sell Music Videos

CinemaNow announced agreements with Warner Music Group and TVT Records, to sell music videos on a download-to-own basis via a newly launched service, WatchMusicHere.com.