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Chuck Pagano Never Lost Faith in His Team

Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano knows how to face adversity. When the cancer survivor was diagnosed with leukemia last September his reaction was one of defiance. “It never entered my mind that I wouldn’t beat it. I never once thought, ‘This is it.” Thankfully for Pagano, his starting quarterback Andrew Luck has that same never quit mentality. With his …

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Colts Vs. Titans: Colts Prevail In The End, Thanks To “Luck”

The expert play of Andrew Luck has struck again, and in a game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans, the Colts pulled away in the end. While the Titans maintained a lead for much of the game, and it appeared they would win, Luck struck at the end and ensured that the Colts would get another victory. With …

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Colts’ Bald Cheerleaders Raising Money

Two cheerleaders for the Indianapolis Colts made a deal a while back with the team mascot, Blue: raise $10,000 for cancer research, and we’ll shave our heads in support of Coach Chuck Pagano. Blue held up his end of the deal, and over the weekend, the cheerleaders did, too. Megan M. and Crystal Ann both sat down for the clippers …

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Cheerleader To Shave Head In Support Of Pagano

The Indianapolis Colts were dealt a heavy blow recently when they found out their beloved coach, Chuck Pagano, had been diagnosed with leukemia. To show their love and support, the entire team shaved their heads, and now a challenge has been thrown down–and accepted–to the cheerleaders of the team. Megan M. says she won’t hesitate to shave her long locks …

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