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Chubby Checker, HP Settle the Most Important Penis-Centric App Lawsuit of Our Time

And a nation exhales. A lawsuit, brought against HP by rock and roll pioneer and world-famous Twister Chubby Checker, has been settled. The saga is over. In a case that was quite possibly constructed via Mad Libs, Chubby Checker sued HP in February of last year, claiming that the company had violated his trademark and associated it with “obscene, sexual …

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Chubby Checker Has Fighting Words For RRHOF

Think about it like this. Who hasn’t done The Twist? The legendary dance move defies age and social status. If you’ve been to a wedding, bar mitzvah, or sweet-16 party in the past 50 years, let’s face it, you’ve most likely done The Twist. So then why isn’t Chubby Checker, singer of The Twist, which is the only single to …

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Chubby Checker Penis Length App Lawsuit Moves Forward

Back in February, a lawyer for famed “The Twist” singer Chubby Checker filed a lawsuit against HP. The lawsuit concerns a (now ancient, in tech terms) app that was released for the Palm OS in 2006. The app is accused of violating the “Chubby Checker” trademark, associating it with “obscene, sexual connotation and images.” The lawsuit claimed that the app …

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Chubby Checker App Lawsuit Filed Against HP For Penis Length Estimator

In the bizarro lawsuit news of the day, webOS Nation is reporting that a lawyer representing singer Chubby Checker has filed a lawsuit against HP. The case revolves around an app for Palm OS called “The Chubby Checker,” which estimated penis length based on shoe size. Palm was acquired by HP in 2010, and the app remained in the webOS …

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