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Google Kills Chrome Frame, Its IE Chrome-ifying Tool

Google announced today that it is retiring Chrome Frame, its way of “chrome-ifying Internet Explorer”. It was a way to let developers get around the not-modern-enough IE of 2009. The plug-in left beta in 2011. Apparently Google considers Microsoft’s browser to be modern enough now so that there is no longer a need for Chrome Frame. In a post on …

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Microsoft Using Scare Tactics For Google Browser Extension?

Update: Not long after MIcrosoft talked about Google making IE less secure with its Chrome Frame plug-in, Google came out and contradicted the notion. From eWeek:

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Google Makes Sure Wave Can Run Properly on IE

Google released an early version of the Google Chrome Frame today. This is a plug-in for Internet Explorer, which lets the browser use HTML5 and…Google Wave (starting next week when the product’s preview is extended).

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