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Google Introduces Supervised Users For Chrome OS

The Internet can be a scary place for a young child. After all, you never know when your young child will accidentally stumble upon a porn site when researching the history of the White House. There are Internet filters that do a pretty good job of keeping your kid out of sites you don’t want them to see, but Google …

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Chrome Beta Gets Faster, Adds Notifications

Google Chrome already holds the distinction of being one of the fastest, if not the fastest, browsers around. Now Google is working to make it even faster with the latest update to its Chrome beta client. Google announced that Chrome 28, which is currently available in the beta channel, speeds up the browser with a new threaded HTML parser. What …

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Chrome Beta For Desktop Adds Support For Microsoft Office Documents

Despite Google’s best attempts at getting people to switch to Google Docs, much of the world still works in Microsoft Office. It may be a while before Google can win the format wars; but in the meantime, it will make sure Chrome users stay in Chrome when opening Microsoft documents. Google announced that Chrome Beta for desktop can now open …

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