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Christmas Lights Set To Music: Enjoy These 7 Epic Light Shows

Ah, Christmas lights! How wonderful is it to ride by homes lit up in red, blue, green, or any other array of flashing lights? But some souls aren’t content to put up a string of lights around their windows and front door and call it a day. For a few creative individuals, Christmas is the time of year for jaw-dropping …

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Holiday Decorations: The Coolest And The Craziest Christmas Decorations

Even if people skip on holiday decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s usually a sure bet that an effort will be made for Christmas. But some people go above and beyond on decorations when it comes to winter holidays. If you’re hoping to get in on the holiday fun, but aren’t quite sure what look to go for, let these …

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Christmas Lights World Record Set For Display in Australia

Christmas lights are a time-honored tradition that illustrate the decadence of the holiday season and can often help brighten up otherwise dreary winter days. It may come as a shock to some Americans, then, to learn that an Australian holds the record for largest Christmas lights display. Last November David Richards of Canberra, Australia reclaimed the world record for most …

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