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A Neutral Net Will Save The Watchdogs

Something is starkly wrong when diametrically opposed ideologues join hands in public to protest something else. That something wrong, in a nutshell: the government and communications companies working in concert to erode the freedoms that made our country great.

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Sen. Dorgan Praises Net Neutrality Coalition

Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) criticized both AT&T head Ed Whitacre and Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) for their efforts against Network Neutrality protections during a conference call with reporters today, as the coalition celebrated its first anniversary.

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WWJD About Net Neutrality?

A fascinating aspect of the Net Neutrality debate is the lack of traditional polarization. It’s not a tug-of-war between the politically opposed, but a soundproofed room behind marble walls. The majority party can’t hear their base, and the Christian Coalition is hoping to pray their way in.

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