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Chloe Sevigny Has Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media

Chloe Sevigny has a new book full of photos of herself. But Chloe Sevigny is never very happy with the photo she sees of herself online. While one of these things may seem to conflict with the other, in fact they combine to explain why Chloe Sevigny released that book in the first place. Chloe Sevigny feels that she has …

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Chloe Sevigny Beats Other Publishers with Her Own Book

Chloe Sevigny is “famous for looking cool without looking like she’s trying.” That’s what publisher Rizzoli says about the “muse in the downtown creative scene for over three decades” and her new book called simply Chloe Sevigny. The book is an illustrated chronicle of the evolution of Chloe Sevigny’s unique style throughout her career, from a teenage skater girl to …

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Chloe Sevigny Hits 40, Wishes She Had a Baby

Chloe Sevigny has been turning heads ever since she made out with a girl dressed like a guy on screen in Boys Don’t Cry. Back then, that was kind of a big deal. But Boys Don’t Cry was just in 1999. Now that sort of thing is the stuff of daily headlines and political debates. Of course, Chloe Sevigny has …

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Chloe Sevigny Joins Lady Gaga For “AHS” Cast

Chloe Sevigny will be returning to American Horror Story for the show’s upcoming season, which will take place in a hotel, according to series creator Ryan Murphy. Sevigny previously appeared on American Horror Story: Asylum, where she played a nymphomaniac, but it’s not clear what her role will be during the new season. She joins a spectacular ensemble cast that …

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Chloe Sevigny Weighs In On “Annoying” Jennifer Lawrence

Chloe Sevigny opened up about her thoughts regarding movie stars recently in an interview with V Magazine, and she didn’t pull any punches. The American Horror Story: Asylum star was talking about the magnetism that a big star has, and the ability some celebrities have to draw big box office numbers because of the charisma they display in interviews and …

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Chloe Sevigny: New Show Premieres Monday on A&E

Chloe Sevigny stars in a new drama series on A&E that is set to premiere on Monday March 3rd. Those Who Kill stars Sevigny alongside James D’Arcy. Both play law-enforcement officials who are haunted by the demons that exist because of their professions. “There’s this great lineage of cops on TV and there’s been all these amazing male characters that …

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