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China Begins Censoring Weibo Microblogging Service

Weibo is China’s version of Twitter, and the microblogging service shares much in common with its Western counterpart. Weibo users anonymously report news and have been known to discuss topics often forbidden on the Chinese web. They even spread false death rumors the way Twitter does. The Chinese Communist Party sees unabridged, anonymous speech, especially when it’s about political corruption, …

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Anonymous Planning More Attacks On Chinese Web Sites

We reported a few weeks ago on Anonymous starting up a new operation that targeted Chinese government Web sites. They defaced several of the Web sites, leaked databases and provided links to Chinese citizens that would show them how to bypass the government’s Internet filter. From that initial day of hacking, the Anonymous China group has been busy. There have …

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Anonymous Takes Down And Defaces Chinese Government Web Sites

All has been relatively quiet on the Anonymous front as far as defacing Web sites are concerned. That has changed today as Anonymous China has attacked and defaced a number of Chinese government Web sites to protest the country’s censorship of the Internet. A newly christened twitter feed for Anonymous China announced the attacks this morning and have been slowly …

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