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Children On Social Networking Sites

Image Credit: BBCPssst. Hey kid! Want to earn a quarter? Tell your friends about this cool new video game, and it’s yours.

Silly? Not really. Not when you consider a new survey out of the UK that suggests 49% of kids aged between 8 and 17 have a social media profile.

Ofcom Finds Kids Sneaking Around Social Networks
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Social networks are practically crawling with kids, according to a new report from the UK’s Office of Communications.  What’s more: the children are often on them in violation of the networks’ rules, and their parents pay little attention.

Byron Review Will Affect UK’s Game Ratings

Late last year, the British Prime Minister asked a clinical psychologist to look at the risks the Internet and video games pose to children.  Dr. Tanya Byron has now come back with several suggestions that the government has said it will follow.

GoFish’s New Ad Network Angling For Children

Young children and teenagers might not have jobs, but they inevitably have money.  GoFish intends to capitalize on this fact with a new ad network focused on online youth entertainment.

MySpace Safety Efforts May Backfire

For someone who isn’t 17, I have to admit that I spend a fair amount of time digging around in MySpace and trying to understand how all the pieces fit together. Indeed, MySpace help is an an important element of my tech Q&A blog too (where I offer tech support and, specifically myspace help).

MySpace’s Principles for Social Networking

As promised, MySpace makes a big announcement today about “Internet safety.” And no, it has nothing to do with not tripping over your power cord.

Naturally, MySpace’s Internet safety announcement is about increasing privacy and safety for its minor members. ReadWriteWeb reports that the updated features will include:

One Laptop Per Child Loses Intel

Intel announced they are leaving the nonprofit One Laptop Per Child project. OLPC produces low-cost laptops for developing nations.

Fighting and differences between the two couldn’t be bridged. It was six months ago Intel and OLPC founder Nick Negroponte announced they would work together to produce the laptops.

Teach Your Little Ones with Google Apps

My seven year old son wants to program online games badly.

After playing Pokemon online he got the notion that he wanted to make something like that. He pestered me for days about setting him up so he could make cool games where his friends could checkout his games. I struggled for a few days trying to find a solution for him. He’s seven so there has to be some reward for the initial work he does to keep his interest. You can’t just throw a seven year old in the deep end and let him flounder.

Webkinz Ad Addition Angers Parents
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Advertising on kid-friendly website Webkinz has one advocacy group up in arms and demanding the toymaker take down the ads.

Amazon Buys Extremely Rare J.K. Rowling Book

J.K. Rowling created seven handwritten, leather-bound copies of a book called The Tales of Beedle the Bard.  Six were given to close friends, and the last was sold to Amazon.com for about $4 million.

Club Penguin Kids Can Make A Difference
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Club Penguin, the virtual gaming world for kids, will allow it members to donate some of their virtual coins to charity.

Rising In Google: iPhone, Webkinz, And TMZ

Apple’s hot gadget, the toy world’s must-have plush pets, and arguably AOL’s hottest web property represented the top three fastest-rising search terms at Google.

Google Helps ICAC Fight Child Exploitation

Criminals who ply their attacks against children with the aid of online resources will find law enforcement has Google aiding their investigations.

Exclusive: Miss America Talks Net Safety

Miss America is taking steps to keep kids safe on the Internet with a new web browser designed especially for kids. Miss America, Lauren Nelson, spoke exclusively in a video interview with WebProNews about the launch. The browser is a partnership with the Children’s Educational Network.

The Other Boomers Get A Social Network
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If you didn’t know there was a Generation Jones, you’re not alone, and those of this generation are not alone either – a new social network called Boomj.com aims to connect them, ridding them of the more ominous moniker, "the lost generation."

Moms, Dads, And The Rules Of Social Networking
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In the hierarchy of social networks, Facebook ranks higher than MySpace, isn’t quite as adult as something like LinkedIn, and yet appears to be accessible from both sides.  This has created some interesting situations as parents embrace what used to be the domain of their children.

“Mortified” Six Apart CEO Makes Apologies
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All right.  I know there are a lot of passionate LiveJournal users out there, and I know censorship is bad.  But in this case, it was also somewhat funny.  LiveJournal claimed it had blocked access to around 500 journals on the basis that they supported pedophilia – turns out, some of them were just discussing Lolita.

Social Networks Safer Than Perceived

Social networking sites are becoming a political lightning rod for politicians and law enforcement. As more children use the sites the belief is that they are at increased risk to be targeted by online predators.

Children’s Charity Sets Up in Habbo Hotel

While the focus this week on virtual communities has been on Second Life, with news of developer Electric Sheep’s $7 million tie-up with CBS and others, here’s news of one organization’s plans for another virtual community.

Google Continues Its Efforts In Child Safety

Recently, a conference of experts convened in New York to ask the question “Does The Internet Change Everything?” in regards to how information is presented to children in the ever-evolving digital age. Just how dangerous an environment is the Internet, and what are practical solutions to make it safer for children?

First let me say, I don’t have any children. As a 28 year-old single male, the idea of keeping the Internet safe for children isn’t exactly the first thought that pops into my mind whenever I sit down to do my daily web surfing.

Ask Gets Smart For Children

Ask.com has added something new to their Smart Answer collection by making the International Children’s Digital Library available as a top-of-page resource for children’s literature-related queries.