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Bouncy Castle Injuries See Huge Rise in U.S.
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A new study published today in the journal Pediatrics shows that injuries to children associated with inflatable bounce houses has risen dramatically over the past fifteen years. According to researchers, bouncy castle-related injuries that were treated in U.S. emergency departments …

Chilling Mad World Rendition Loses One Child Singer Every 3 Seconds
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Tears for Fears’ 1982 classic “Mad World” is a great song no matter how you arrange it. The new-wave hit was popular in its time, but gained a new level of notoriety when it was covered for the 2001 film …

Tabeo Tablet From Toys “R” Us Gives Parents A Lot Of Control Tabeo Tablet From Toys “R” Us Gives Parents A Lot Of Control
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Toys “R” Us unveiled a new tablet device geared specifically towards kids today. It’s called the Tabeo, and comes with nearly 20 games, learning apps, storybooks, and other kid-friendly entertainment apps. There are 50 free apps pre-installed. It runs on …

Asthma Inhalers Could Stunt Height Growth, Study Finds
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A new study has found that children who use certain types of asthma inhalers end up shorter than normal in adulthood. The study, published this week in the New England Journal of Medecine, looked at over 1,000 children from ages …

High Cholesterol: Doctors Debate Whether Children Should Be Tested
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High cholesterol should be a concern for everyone, including children. However, following a government-appointed panel’s recommendation that widespread screening be implemented for America’s youth, some doctors believe such practices should be frowned upon. According to thoughts published in Pediatrics on …

Vaccines for Children May Have Been Improperly Stored

Vaccines for children, which are provided to doctors and clinics by the U.S. government, may have been improperly stored, according to a recent study. If these vaccines are stored at the wrong temperature, be it too warm or too cold, …

Facebook May Soon Let Kids Under 13 Join The Party Facebook May Soon Let Kids Under 13 Join The Party
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Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities section 4, article 5 clearly states that “You will not use Facebook if you are under 13.” But according to sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal, that may soon be changing. Apparently, Facebook …

Parents, Pre-Teens, and the Facebook Minefield Parents, Pre-Teens, and the Facebook Minefield
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Do you remember the first thought that popped into your head when your pre-teen cousin sent you a friend request on Facebook? If you don’t I’ll attempt to jog your memory. It probably went something like this: “What the hell? …

Groupon Kidz Club Launches With Some Questionable Characters Groupon Kidz Club Launches With Some Questionable Characters

Groupon has launched a new kids site called Groupon Kidz Club with games and a really weird song. One character apparently doesn’t love his parents, one hates stray dogs, one is some guy the kids “took in” after finding him …

Police Called From Airplane After 2 Children Refuse To Buckle Seatbelts
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The CBS affiliate in Los Angeles is reporting that authorities were called from an airplane while it was in the air due to two disruptive children. The Los Angeles Times reports that the children were 3 and 8 years old. …

Netflix Loses Kids Shows Briefly In Canada Netflix Loses Kids Shows Briefly In Canada
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Netflix announced that it has renewed a licensing deal to keep a few key children’ shows in its instant catalog in Canada, after losing them for a few days. I know you missed some of your favorite kids’ characters while …

Scientists Use Babies To Make Computers Smarter

People often wonder if computers make children smarter. Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, are asking the reverse question: Can children make computers smarter? And the answer appears to be ‘yes.’ UC Berkeley researchers are tapping the cognitive smarts …

FTC Approves Integrity Children’s Privacy Compliance Program Thanks to Aristotle FTC Approves Integrity Children’s Privacy Compliance Program Thanks to Aristotle

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved The Integrity Children’s Privacy Compliance Program, designed by Aristotle International, as a “safe harbor” program under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) on Friday. The COPPA rule grants websites that target viewers ages …

Video Games Are Making Your Kids More Creative
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Quit telling your kids to go outside and play. Climbing a tree is boring. While this writer is fully aware that the countless hours spent traversing the vast landscapes of Hyrule, or patrolling the wasteland of Fallout has made him …

Parents Spying on Their Kids on Facebook – An Infographic Parents Spying on Their Kids on Facebook – An Infographic
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What are your kids doing on Facebook? 55% of parents can answer that question, according to a study depicted in an infographic from OnlineSchools.com. The sources of the info in this graphic are a Bullguard Internet Security Survey and Parents, …

Social Media Roundup: Users Young, Drunk and Banned at Work Social Media Roundup: Users Young, Drunk and Banned at Work
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A handful of reports have emerged that share some interesting things about social media, both in the U.S. and the UK. Among the general findings: millions of Facebook users under the minimum age, there may be a link between social …

Addressing The Problem Of Bullying On Facebook

Yesterday, Tony Orsini, my son’s middle school principal sent a blunt letter to all parents telling us that we should ban social networks for our middle school children. I was unsure whether it was acceptable for me to print the latter when I got it, but our New York CBS TV station had a headline today, "NJ Principal Asks Parents To Ban Social Networking" in which it prints the whole letter. You should read it for yourself. I respect Tony, but he’s wrong on this one.

Google Gives Users a Way to Lock SafeSearch

Google has launched a new way to lock SafeSearch. What this accomplishes is, users will have to enter their password to change the setting, and Google Search results will be visibly different than when SafeSearch is not locked.

Google demonstrates how to to lock SafeSearch with the following short clip:

Study Shows Parents Out of Loop on Social Networking
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Interesting survey results come from Common Sense Media, which suggest that social networking is changing the very nature of childhood.

Google Talks Online Child Safety

Google is part of the "PointSmart ClickSafe Task Force," which is an organization that was set up to help keep kids safe online. This week, the task force released its Recommendations for Best Practices for Online Safety and Literacy, which it has been working on for nearly a year.

Staples Utilizing Facebook For A Worthy Cause

How about a nice ‘feel good’ story to take you into the weekend? The news in the Internet marketing industry has been focused on negative numbers, downturns and dire forecasts for quite a while now. Personally, I get a little worn out by it. It’s good to be reminded, however, of just how potentially life altering (a little hyperbole never hurt anyone) the use of social media can be.