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Foxconn Raises Age Limit For Hiring

Ever since Foxconn became Apple’s main manufacturer of the iPhone, the Chinese company has become the focus of many human rights and worker’s rights organizations around the world. Through Apple, the company has become one of the most closely watched manufacturing operations in the world. Largely due to poor past inspections of its working conditions, Foxconn has raised worker pay …

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Samsung Takes Action On Labor Conditions in China

As Samsung has increased its share of the mobile devices market and emerged as the main competitor to Apple, increased scrutiny has also been placed on the Korean company’s manufacturing processes. In August, human rights organization China Labor Watch published an investigative report into a factory that supplies components to Samsung, accusing the factory of hiring children under the age …

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Foxconn Confirms it Hired Underage Workers

Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturing company famous for building Apple products such as the iPhone 5, today admitted that some of the workers at its facilities were under China’s minimum working age of 16. The company told CNET in an email statement that it had performed an internal investigation and found some workers at its Yantai facility in Shandong Province were …

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Samsung Labor Practices Under Fire Once Again

Over the past two years, Samsung has achieved its goal of rivaling Apple in the smartphone space. According to the latest ComScore numbers, Samsung now sells a full quarter of the mobile handsets sold in the U.S. Samsung is now learning, though, that being an industry leader comes with increased scrutiny and oversight from watchdog organizations. One month ago China …

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Samsung Child Labor Accusations Come to Light

As Samsung has grown into a major competitive force in the smartphone market, the company has faced greater scrutiny of their products. Now, Samsung is also facing greater scrutiny on their manufacturing operations, something Apple has had to deal with for years now. China Labor Watch, a New York-based organization that defends the human rights of Chinese workers, this week …

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Child Labor in India is Still a Major Problem

Child labor in India continues to be an alarming problem despite laws that forbid such practices. During a recent raid of three textile factories and a metal processing plant, authorities found dozens of underage children hard at work. Although police managed to round up 26 underage laborers, officials believe that many more may have fled the scene. In addition to …

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