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2nd Prayer Death: Did Parents’ Beliefs Kill Toddler?

It’s hard to pinpoint the most tragic aspect of the death of an 8 month old child. However, without a doubt, the most frustrating parts of this senseless loss is that it is in fact the second child of a Pennsylvania couple to die. Herbert and Catherine Schaible have been down this road before. The couple defied a court order …

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Toddler Found In Trunk After Day-Long Search

When 2-year old Wisconsin boy Isaiah Theis went missing on Tuesday, his family says they assumed he had wandered into the wooded area surrounding their home. As a precocious, curious little boy, it wasn’t uncommon for him to do such a thing. But after search parties failed to find him during that sweltering afternoon, police say they wanted to check …

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Fourth of July Accident Results In Death of 8-Year-Old

Fourth of July weekend is what most regard as a time of fireworks, grilling, and general celebration. Most people are familiar with the common warnings that appear around this time of year, urging caution when using fireworks. Similarly, most people are familiar with the news stories that inevitably pop up on the fifth of July that recall the accounts of …

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