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2nd Prayer Death: Did Parents’ Beliefs Kill Toddler?

It’s hard to pinpoint the most tragic aspect of the death of an 8 month old child. However, without a doubt, the most frustrating parts of this senseless loss is that it is in fact the second child of a …

Toddler Found In Trunk After Day-Long Search
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When 2-year old Wisconsin boy Isaiah Theis went missing on Tuesday, his family says they assumed he had wandered into the wooded area surrounding their home. As a precocious, curious little boy, it wasn’t uncommon for him to do such …

Fourth of July Accident Results In Death of 8-Year-Old
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Fourth of July weekend is what most regard as a time of fireworks, grilling, and general celebration. Most people are familiar with the common warnings that appear around this time of year, urging caution when using fireworks. Similarly, most people …