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Google To Grow In Boston, Chicago

Most Google-related products, services, and announcements come out of Mountain View, but Googlers in Boston and Chicago are now grabbing some headlines of their own; the company’s locations in both cities are primed for some serious growth.

PubCon Las Vegas, SES Chicago To Collide

WebmasterWorld and Incisive Media will run their December conferences on the same dates, with potential speakers, sponsors, and attendees left with the decision of where to go.

PubCon, SES Chicago To Collide
PubCon, SES Chicago To Collide
PubCon, SES Chicago To Collide
Pubcon Las Vegas & SES Chicago the Same Week
During SES New York I heard that this year’s Pubcon Conference will be held the same week as the Chicago Search Engine Strategies conference. This wasn’t by choice, as neither conference will benefit from happening at the same time.

Twitter – Uncommon Uses
In a continuation of my series Uncommon Uses (previously Podcasts, wikis and SMS text interfaces) I thought I’d look at Twitter, for such a new simple tool I’m thinking most of the uses are Uncommon Uses. One of the things that made Twitter take off was it’s simplicity and with that simplicity comes the ability for it’s users to mold it into what they want.

Advanced PR Tech Chicago
After getting into the Chicago Hilton, a familar place from SES conferences, I walked the 3-4 blogs to the Columbia University campus where Bulldog Reporter was holding the Advanced PR Technology event. Greg Jarboe and I switched the time of our session with Katie Paine so she could make a plane to Dubai.

SES Chicago: Social Media Optimization

This is a bit of a late post but I want to get it out there before it gets swallowed up by all the other half-finished posts in my WordPress control panel.

SES Chicago Video: Bruce Clay

I’ve had a standing request for an interview with Bruce Clay for about a year now and we finally decided to just do a short one on video, which works for me and I think it will work for you as well.

Chicago Clicktracks Party

One cannot go an evening at a Search Engine Strategies conference without some type of revelry and Wednesday night was no exception. Clicktracks delivered an encore of sorts by having a party at B.L.U.E.S. which is where TrueLocal had a party two days prior.

Swag from SES Chicago

Checking out the expo hall, there are always a few great deals and lots of free iPods to sign up for. I skipped most of the iPods this year as I was a afraid of all the follow-up emails and/or sales calls.

SES: Social Media Optimization

Some great ideas to increase visibility and traffic

SES: Late Night With Danny Sullivan

The evening keynote at SES Chicago by the person most readily identified with the conference series, Danny Sullivan, looked at the future of search. WebProNews’ Chris Richardson frantically typed notes while a balky laptop battery ticked down to zero.

SES: Jason Calacanis Does The Keynote

Sequoia Capital’s newly-minted “entrepreneur in action” delivered the morning keynote address at SES Chicago, where he talked about Digg, Digg, Spam, Digg, Netscape, Digg, Digg, and Valleywag. Our Chris Richardson dug in for the session.

AskCity Drives To Local Search

Local search just became a little more competitive as IACI’s Ask.com now has a dedicated product, called AskCity, available with mobile friendliness, walking directions, and multi-step route construction for its users.

SES Chicago: Conversation Creators

1. How’s the show goin’ for ya?

SES Chicago Day .05

Thomas (TwisterMC) and I arrived fine in Chicago without delay. Unlike many other travelers, including Shoemoney who I talked to about a 4+ hour delay.

SES: Your Video Wants A Meta Tag
· 1

During an early session at SES Chicago 2006, the speakers on the topic of video optimization all made a similar suggestion – keep that meta data identifiable so your video will be too. Chris Richardson of WebProNews was on hand to pick up the details.

Search Engine Strategies Chicago

Later this afternoon Thomas and I will fly out to Search Engine Strategies in Chicago where I’ll be covering some sessions, doing more video interviews, taking lots of photos and the best parts: learning and networking. I will also be sitting in on the Social Media Optimization panel with Neil, Rand, Andy and Todd.

SES Social Media Optimization Panel

At the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago I’ll be sitting in on a panel about social media optimization.

SES And Post-SES Intensive Workshops In Chicago

What they say is true. Search is such a highly granular, customized, long tail type industry, there’s an awful lot to talk about. I had about an hour to give a talk on Friday (interesting group – a college class learning about SEM – update shortly), and still felt myself running out of time. In a world where you now have whole college courses (the few, the proud) devoted to nothing but search marketing, it’s little wonder that I run out of time way before I run out of material.

Apple Goes Mobile With Ford, GM, And Mazda

From the makers of the “people’s car” (Volkswagen) to the manufacturers of the car-for-people-with-a-whole-lot-of-money (Ferrari), automakers are prepared to accommodate iPod users. The Americans have gotten in on the deal, too – Ford and GM made an arrangement with Apple that was announced yesterday.

ad:tech Chicago – Waiting for Your Cat to Bark

The last installment of Online Marketing Blog coverage of the Chicago ad:tech 2006 conference gathered together a good number of Eisenberg fans as well as those interested in learning more about conversions.

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