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Nissan Leaf Sales Slow, Yet Set January Record

In 2010, Nissan became one of the first companies in the world to unveil a completely electric, emission-free automobile, the Nissan Leaf. When first released, however, the electric car craze had yet to hit the United States. Thanks to recent innovations and attention from the Tesla Model S and the Chevy Volt, however, the popularity of all-electric vehicles has begun …

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Who Wants An Electric Car Anyway?

Let’s look at the names of the current hybrid gas-electric cars which are available for the American public to buy. The Prius, The Volt, The Leaf. No offense to owners of these vehicles, but they all sound pretty lame. If you don’t think a name matters, check again. Yukon, Wrangler, Escalade, Mustang, Raptor, Firebird; these names sound much more inspiring …

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