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Pregnant Women Water: Is It Safe Now In W.V.?

The chemical spill that occurred near Charleston, West Virgina on January 9th left residents without clean water in which to drink, bathe, wash clothes or to use in any manner. On January 13th, W.V. residents were told they could safely drink the tap water, but on January 15th, it was suggested that pregnant women continue drinking bottled water. So, if …

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Pregnant Women: Water Ban Comes Late, Worries Residents

A chemical spill last week in West Virginia prompted a water ban for residents in several counties–no drinking from the tap, no washing dishes, even brushing teeth was impossible unless bottled water was used–until a dangerous chemical was removed from the water system. When the ban was lifted after four days, residents were relieved…until officials issued a new warning to …

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West Virginia Chemical Spill Hurting The Economy

A chemical spill has put much of West Virginia in a state of emergency. Because the chemicals have leaked into ground water, a water ban has been issued for the state. Over 300,000 people in the area are without water and many businesses and schools have closed as a result of the spill and the tap water ban. President Obama …

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West Virginia Chemical Spill Sends Frightened Residents To Hospital

A chemical spill in the Elk River has sent hundreds of West Virginia residents to the hospital out of fear for their health today, officials say. The chemical, 4-methylcyclohexane methanol–used for coal washing and prep–, began leaking from Freedom Industries out of a 48,000 gallon tank sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday. Freedom Industries is a chemical storage facility located …

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Oshkosh Chemical Spill Evacuation Order Lifted

At approximately 1 PM today, officials forced hundred of residents in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (Which is located in Winnebago County. Wisconsin has great place names) to evacuate the area due to a chemical spill from the Hydrite Chemical Company. According to officials, around 600 gallons of muriatic acid (better known as hydrochloric acid) was spilled from a 7,000 gallon tank due …

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