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3D Systems, Hershey Team Up To Develop 3D Printed Food

At CES, 3D Systems announced its intention to enter the new 3D printed food market with the ChefJet and ChefJet Pro 3D printers. Both printers can layer sugar to create 3D printed candy, cake toppers and other sugar sculptures. Now the company is partnering with one of the biggest chocolate producers in the world to advance 3D printed food technology. …

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Here’s More Info On 3D Systems’ ChefJet Food 3D Printer

At CES, 3D Systems announced that it would be getting into food printing market with the ChefJet 3D printer. The machine layers liquified sugar to create candy, cake toppers and other tasty treats. The ChefJet is being marketed to professional chefs and bakers, but consumers will no doubt be interested in it as well. Upon the initial announcement, we had …

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3D Systems Brings 3D Printers To The Kitchen With ChefJet

Since 3D printers went mainstream, people have wanted to know when they can print food. After all, it would be super cool to shrink your kitchen down to a single machine. Well, we’re not quite there yet, but 3D Systems has a new machine that will at least let you 3D print candy. At CES, 3D Systems introduced its latest …

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