Google Launches Checkout For Political Contributions

Google Launches Checkout For Political Contributions

By Doug Caverly January 17, 2008

Somewhere out there, at least one of Ron Paul’s followers is unhappy.  Why, you ask?  Because the presidential candidate has enjoyed an amazing amount of support from certain corners of the Web, and a certain search giant has only now launched something called Google Checkout for Political Contributions.

Google Checkout Extends Free Processing

Google Checkout, Google’s online payment system, is extending its free processing until February 1, 2008.

The promotion was going to end on December 31, 2007. If you’re a Google Adwords customer for every dollar you spend on AdWords, you can process $10 of sales with Google Checkout for free. After that you’ll be charged 2.0% plus $0.20 per transaction no matter what credit card is used. There are no monthly, setup, or gateway fees.

Big Holiday Deals from PayPal & Google Checkout

Google’s Checkout and eBay’s PayPal unit are showing off their big holiday offers, designed to get you to use their services when making your holiday purchases online.

Google and BizRate.com Break Up
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Google Checkout Makes Shopping Sites Undesirable

As Google Checkout ramps up, many thin arbitrage / shopping aggregator sites are going to see a significant love loss from Google. In September Andrew Goodman wrote a piece on how paid search and organic search quality criteria may play off each other, after coming across a post on Inside AdWords where Google stated that some types of sites are likely to merit a low quality score:

Google Checkout & Gmail Updates

I was browsing through the Google Blogs using my Yahoo Pipe and noticed that there have been a couple pieces of cool news item floating around at the the Gmail and Google Checkout blogs.

What Is Google Planning For Coupons?

The domain GoogleCoupons.com has been moved to a Google nameserver, which may indicate a new service launch could happen soon.Google Maps

YouTube Intends To Invade India

The timing’s a little vague, but according to one of the company’s executives, an official YouTube.in site will go live within the next six months.

YouTube, Google Checkout Cater To Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations have, like everyone else, always been able to use YouTube for free.  But a new arrangement will give them more exposure and an innovative way to get funds.

Google Checkout Lost Tracking Data

Google has begun to notify merchants using Google Checkout that Google Checkout pixel tracking was temporarily disabled from July 10 to July 18 due to an issue associated with system maintenance earlier in the month. Pixel tracking allows internet retailers to send Google Checkout conversion data to third parties. While disabled, the feature was unable to report conversions. Many online merchants have worked hard to integrate Google Checkout data with comparison shopping engines, affiliate networks, analytics vendors, third party bid management firms and others.

Google vs. eBay: Round 6?

Here’s the blow-by-blow so far:

2006: eBay owns PayPal. Google starts Google Checkout (June 2006). eBay bans Google Checkout (July 2006).

Google Offers Olive Branch To eBay
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In an apparent change of heart Google canceled their "Let Freedom Ring" event that would have been an attempt to steal eBay’s thunder and attract sellers away from the eBay Live event.

EBay DevCon: PayPal Goes Mobile

After a limpid reception in the US of PayPal’s "Text2Buy" and "Text2Give" features, eBay has launched PayPal Mobile Checkout, a platform more closely mirroring the Web version.

eBay And Google Get Medieval

eBay has removed all of its paid search ads from Google’s AdWords network in the U.S. eBay is keeping its AdWords campaigns outside of the U.S. according to eBay spokesman Hani Durzy.

Google Checkout Migrates To Mobiles
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I occasionally use my cell phone to talk, and on still rarer occasions, to snap a photo.  It mostly serves as a pocket-born paperweight.  But for those of you who are a little more in touch with the mobile market, Google has just the thing: Google Checkout for mobile.

Yahoo Checks Out PayPal For Payments
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Yahoo and eBay announced the Yahoo PayPal Checkout Program, which users of Yahoo Search will encounter as little blue shopping cart icons in the search results.

The Wealthy Shop Online

When the wealthy shop online some of the key features they look for are easy to navigate Web sites that offer useful product information and the option to purchase all items that are sold offline.

PayPal and the Google Checkout Threat
CNET has an interview with PayPal Chief Technology Officer Scott Thompson. It’s mostly about PayPal’s technology and anti-phishing tactics, but does have one question on Google Checkout.