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Las Vegas Hotels Last Minute? They Got That.

You’re just deciding, right now, to go to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve! So what. You can do it. Las Vegas is very familiar with spur of the moment decisions that Must Be Done (i.e. shotgun weddings), and it doesn’t disappoint for New Year’s Eve. If you want to party with Las Vegas, It Shall Be Done. Here are …

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McDonald’s Happy Meals Will Include Books?

McDonald’s has announced that they will start putting books in their happy meals. This is an interesting change for the fast food conglomerate to make, after just giving away plastic toys for much of their company’s history. McDonald’s is hoping to increase literacy with children with the action, but it is probably too late at this point, and especially with …

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TGI Friday’s Busted for Selling Fraudulent Cocktails

A string of New Jersey TGI Friday’s restaurants have been busted for selling cheap liquor in place of premium brands. The Briad Group, which owns dozens of TGI Friday’s locations nationwide, has agreed not to contest the allegations and to pay a $500,000 fine after eight of its branches were found to have filled empty bottles of top shelf booze …

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