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Search Engine Chart Depicts Back End Relationships of Search advertising

According to Kevin Lee, Did-it’s CEO, “The paid search matrix search engine relationship chart is as popular as our free best practices white papers.”

Creating Great Charts for Persuasive Trade Show Presentations

A well-designed chart can be one of the most persuasive elements of your trade show booth display and literature. It illustrates to your customers why your product is the obvious solution to one of their specific needs. It can communicate major benefits or features more clearly than words can.

Online Advertising Effectiveness? Tell Me About It! Part 2

Well, we’re getting there. We’ve previously proved visitors clicking on a paid listing are of higher quality than “free search” visitors for the same search term, and now we see there is also significant variability in quality of visitor by the term itself, according to the last chart. Look at Customer Loyalty (CL). Much shorter visits, and lower download and newsletter subscribe percentages, but much higher bookmarking percentages. What could this mean, why the difference?

Can this Flash chart read your mind?

The FlashNewz team had a discussion to figure out the answer.

Gray Text Revisited

In a previous article I argued that the reason why gray text is used more and more on the web is because it looks better than black text from a distance, and since designers do not really read the text on sites they design, they prefer the visually better looking alternative. I also offered a solution to the problem in the form of light background colors.