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Google, Apple To Meet With Sen. Schumer Over Photo-Accessing Loophole

Google and Apple might feel like they don’t have to explain themselves for allowing apps to help themselves to iPhone and Android smartphone users’ photos, but the tech companies have decided to tell it to Senator Charles Schumer. In a phone interview, Schumer, a Democrat from New York, told The New York Times that the two companies have agreed to …

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Apple To Address iPhone 4 Problems Friday

Apple is holding a press conference tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific Time to address the issues surrounding the iPhone 4 and it antenna problem.

Many users of the iPhone 4 have reported weak reception when it’s held a certain way, leading to it being called the "iPhone 4 death grip."

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Senator Contests Facebook’s New Approach To Privacy

Privacy experts and random users are no longer the only ones complaining about how Facebook’s latest moves have affected privacy.  Senator Charles Schumer made an objection of his own yesterday, and in fact asked the Federal Trade Commission to provide guidelines concerning the use of private info.

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