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Larry David Joins Twitter At The Behest Of Charity Bribers

Former Seinfeld and current Curb Your Enthusiasm funnyman Larry David has cautiously waded into the brackish waters of social networking. Late Monday, the writer, actor, and producer sent out his first dispatch to the Twitterverse. And it’s a demand. “I was told by Charity Bribes that if I Tweeted they’d give 10K to the NRDC….Pay up!” he said a few …

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Charity Bribes Prompts Celebs to Join Twitter

A new website called Charity Bribes take donations for various charities while at the same time goading celebrities into doing “wacky” things, like joining Twitter. The site takes “bribes” from users, which are in turn tied to various charities. Said funds are then used to attempt to talk famous people into doing whatever, and all the money raised is then …

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Bribe Celebrities For A Good Cause With “Charity Bribes”

Have you ever had the burning desire to see Harrison Ford do an a cappella cover of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” while balancing on a stool and holding a kitty? How about something a bit simpler, like getting your favorite Luddite celebrity to join the wide world of Twitter? If so, a new site might appeal to …

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