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Olivia Wilde Helps Others By Being Consciously Fashionable
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Olivia Wilde, 29, is taking Hollywood philanthropy to another level. The “Cowboys and Aliens” actress, who is also a first-time mom-to-be, has been working on elevating a benevolent online business that blends charity and fashion into one. Conscious Commerce, also …

Charitable Donations: Get Deductions at No Cost

The gifts have been bought and the festivities are upon us. Don’t worry If you’re a bit tapped out but still wish to join folks making their last charitable donations of 2013; there’s always a way. Here are two ways …

Down Jackets Encourage Animal Cruelty Towards Birds
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Down jackets’ warmth and comfort are very popular during the winter and mainly for those who enjoy the outdoors during the colder season. What are down jackets you ask? Well, they consist of feathers plucked from the softest point on …

Year-End Donations Are Not-For-Profits Saving Grace

American’s may not be the healthiest or the most frugal people on the planet, but they do have generous hearts. Americans give more money to charity than any other country. And each year around the Christmas holidays, the money given …

Google Checks Out Frequent Flyer Promo

Google continues its seasonally aggressive Checkout campaign, again offering discounts and special promotions in advance of Cyber Monday.