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Houston Texans Rally From 21 Down, Defeat Chargers

In what seemed like an insurmountable task, after being down 21 points in the third quarter, the Houston Texans were able to put up a fight and beat the San Diego Chargers. The Texans and Chargers played second in a Monday Night Football doubleheader in order to kickoff the season. This followed a tough game between the Eagles and Redskins, …

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Second iPhone Electrocution Case Emerges In China

Earlier this week, news began circulating that a young woman was killed when she was electrocuted by her iPhone. Police and Apple are still investigating the incident, but many believe that the deadly shock was due to a problem with the phone’s charger. Now another iPhone electrocution incident has occurred in China. Want China Times is reporting that Wu Jiantong …

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New Portable Charger Gives You “Several Weeks” Of Charges

“It’s like having a plug in your pocket,” says Mouli Ramani of Lilliputian Systems. “This new power system will transform how consumers use their CE devices.” For everyone that has run out of juice halfway through the day, and for everyone that has seen their smartphones flicker and fade away just when they needed it most – a new partnership …

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