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Kinect Shopping Cart Takes Whole Foods Shoppers To Aisles Of The Future

Checking your phone, pushing a shopping cart, reading the nutritional info on that new Cheerios variant, reining in your hyper-curious children – going to the grocery store can be an exhausting exercise in multitasking. If you choose to do your pantry-stocking at Whole Foods, though, you may find that juggling all of those tasks will become remarkably easier in the …

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CES 2012 Already Has A Best In Show Contender

During CES, Chaotic Moon Labs announced their “Board of Awesomeness,” which may be the best product name of the show. While CES is always a joy to cover, the massive influx of everybody announcing new phones or TVs sometimes gets to the best of us. That’s why it’s a joy when somebody like Chaotic Moons Labs comes through for us …

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