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SocialGrid Looks To Change Google Into Free Dating Service

As search engines look to expand their role in the web universe; Google with Orkut, Yahoo with HotJobs, SocialGrid.com is looking to make Google into an online dating service using tools already available to the search engine. SocialGrid does this by having users insert searchable metadata tags into their personal web pages.

There’s Something About ‘Brandy’

Some experts are wondering if the worst is over in regards to Google’s latest update, which has already been dubbed “Brandy.”

Clawing Through Change

Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned about transforming organizations came from the struggle to shed an unpleasant habit. During high school and most of college, I was a fingernail biter. It’s one of those nasty nervous habits that no one feels good about. My jagged, raggedy, nibbled, nubbin nails were a constant source of embarrassment.

Analysts Predict Major Google Shift Next Week

Jim Hedger and Ross Dunn of Stepforth released their predictions today that Google rankings will undergo another change next week.

Change Management Buzz words or real value?

A lot of people look at change management as something they should have, but typically do not put the effort into creating processes that are easy to follow and repeatable. At most organizations, processes and procedures are usually nice to haves’ and only become important when there is a problem. Once a major issue is identified, due to a mistake or implementing changes before they were ready to be deployed to end users, do the discussions begin. But after the fire is over and everything is running smoothly again our minds move on to other projects and the fix that was needed and fresh on everyone’s mind slowly becomes less of an issue until it is totally dismissed once again.

Facilitating Your Prospect’s Discovery Process

Our job is to help our clients find their best answers. We work hard at understanding what they need, what will solve the problem. We study the problem and all of its ramifications, call a colleague or two to discuss it fully, and come up with a solution that we think will fix the problem. We understand it’s our job to offer the support and information that will lead the customer to his/her best solution.

Is Your Thinking Deflating Your Profits More than Google’s Florida Updates?

You spent a ton of time getting your website just right for Google. And now your site has sunk to the very bottom of the results for several key phrases.

How To Change Your Thinking To Become Rich


Why do some people retire rich and most people retire poor? This subject has fascinated philosophers, thinkers, mystics and teachers throughout the ages. There have been so many cases of hundreds or thousands and even millions of men and women who have started with nothing and become financially independent that people are naturally curious to know why it happened and what are the common rules or principles that others can apply to become wealthy as well.

SSI: An Amazing Tool to Put and Change Dynamic Content in Minutes!

You have a five page web site.Now you want to add an extra link to your links at the footer area of five pages.No problem…

People Power: Simple Factors for CRM Success

We’re good at implementing CRM technology, but our projects can still fail if we ignore the human element. Don’t let this happen to you.

7 Leadership Strategies to Help you Handle Change

Change before you have to. The external world always demands change and improvement. Beat the market. Create internal mechanisms that force you to make changes long before you have to.

– Kathleen O’Connor

Who Needs Change Management?

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on that cool technology; clustering, redundant controllers, redundant disks, redundant power supplies, redundant NIC cards, multiple network drops, fancy tape backup devices and the latest and greatest tape technology. You’re all set. There’s no way your going to have downtime.

Use PR to Change the Customer

When faced with customers who are either ignoring or abandoning their products, CEOs often choose to alter their products to fit demand. This is usually a path to disaster.

How Does an Organization Change?

Most of us have a mental image of how an organization changes over time. For many of us it is a dated scenario in which top management emerges from a closed-door meeting with a new direction for the organization, which they announce to employees and which rolls down the organization like a waterfall with every person falling into line to adhere to the new marching orders.

Administer Linux on the fly
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The /proc filesystem is one of Linux’s great features, and this article gives you a thorough grounding in some of its most useful aspects. With it, you can administer many details of the operating system without ever having to shut down and reboot the machine, which is a boon for those who need to keep their systems as available as possible.

Change – The Only Constant

As you plan your online marketing efforts you need to be forever mindful, that what worked great yesterday might not work so great today. I remind you of this because most of us are so busy that we don’t have time to waste on non-productive efforts. I know I certainly am forced to concentrate on what produces the greatest return for the time spent.

“Change Is Threatening Your Business”

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But I Don’t Want To Change!

You have to be in the right frame-of-mind to work at home successfully. You must be able to “go with the flow” when the winds of business change. Keeping things fresh and different will help you stay ahead of your competition, and to prosper in the long run.

Change Losing Money into Making Money in Minutes
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You say how do I do that? I want to make money. You can change your luck by changing your words. What words are those you say.

Change – What’s It Really About?

As you sit in your office wondering what other successful business owners are doing differently than you, have you ever asked yourself, maybe I should change? Change is to shift or move which means you are possibly doing some changing as you read this article.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Success and failure are all in your head. Successful people see themselves succeeding. They see opportunity instead of oppression. They see themselves as eventually winning rather than losing. They look back on the good things that have happened to them and through them rather than on the bad.