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AskJeeves.com Contemplating A Name Change
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Barry Diller, CEO of IAC; the company who purchased Ask.com, indicated the property may be preparing for a name change yesterday at the D conference.

Google Adopts CPM for Content

In the coming weeks, Google will be rolling out a significant change to the content targeting side of its AdWords program. These changes do not affect “search” ads on Google and other search network partners.

More Skype and more MSN

Internet phone service provider Skype has released a new update to version 1.2 of its desktop application for Windows.

Coca-Cola Announces Change in Management

Coca-Cola Enterprises has announced a major change in the company’s management structure.

How Will IAC Purchase Change Ask?

When the week began, those who follow the search engine industry were greeted with news of Ask.com’s impending purchase by IAC, owner of Internet properties like Ticketmaster and Expedia.com. The sale was made for a reported at about $1.85 billion, not a bad sum for the 4th place search engine.

AOL’s TOS Change Sparks PR Crisis
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UPDATE: AOL PR is listening and they chime in via comments to this post. Click the link below to read their comments.

Why Attention.xml Could Change PR Forever

Attention.xml is a new technology standard that’s being proselytized by influencers like …

Intel Ordered to Change Its Ways

Intel was given a warning by Japan’s antitrust regulators for violating antitrust laws by offering unfair rebates to stifle competition.

Blogs And Wikis Change The Dynamics Of Business

Tom Foremski, publisher of Silicon Valley Watcher and ex-FT correspondent, writes a terrific piece …

Rayovac to Change Name

Rayovac announced today that it will change its corporate name to Spectrum Brands, if approved by shareholders in April.

European Commission Battles Climate Change

The European Commission adopted a communication setting out future policies of climate change.

Amazon Invests in 43 Things Folksonomy Project
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Amazon.com has invested in the start-up behind folksonomy project 43 Things. Another company, called 37 Signals …

Marketing’s Role in Organizational Change

Harvard Business School Press published a Q&A with author Nirmalya Kumar on marketing’s role in organizational change. Kumar’s new book “Marketing as Strategy: Understanding the CEO’s Agenda for Driving Growth and Innovation” argues that marketing must help drive organizational change.

SQL Server Configuration Performance Checklist

Most SQL Server Configuration Settings Should Not Be Changed

How A Change in Perspective Can Help You Make More Holiday Season Sales: Pt. One

Some sites are perfect for the Christmas season – their products fit easily into the idea of gift-giving. But what if the products and services you offer are for small business owners?

Novell Profits up for a Change

Novell reported a profit of $57.1 million for fiscal 2004 compared to a $161.9 million loss in the previous fiscal year.

Change Management Made Easier

A friend of ours recently pointed out that the paint on our front windowsill is cracked and peeling. With equal kindness, she reminded me that it is only a few years since it was last painted. As if I needed reminding. I thought of blaming our home’s stubborn resistance to change but knew deep down that the fault lies elsewhere: with me.

The Road To Opportunity In Wholesale Distribution

Dynamic forces of change are converging upon the wholesale distribution industry. The business environment is changing and distributors must change, too. This sobering conclusion comes from new Facing the Forces of Change: The Road to Opportunity report (available from the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors at www.nawpubs.org).

Walla Launches Free 1 Gig Email Service
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Following up to a story that appeared on WPN in April, Walla! Communications has launched their new free email service, Walla!Mail, featuring 1 gigabyte of storage. This makes WallaMail the second fully operational email service that offers such a capacity, with Spymac being the first.

MSN Hotmail Takes on Google with 250 MB of Email Storage

In a few weeks, users of MSN Hotmail will be offered 250MB of storage space. The upgrade will take place in early July, Microsoft announced today.

The Top Twelve E-Mail Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Career

You return to your office from an afternoon meeting and decide to check e-mail. You wonder where your day went after spending hours downloading messages, reading some, deleting others, crafting replies and filing those that you want to work on later. Your e-mail box was full when you arrived at work this morning and tomorrow promises to be no different.