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Google Spreadsheet No Excel Killer

News stories and blog posts have begun to fill with the carillon of funeral bells for Microsoft as Google readies its minimalist spreadsheet program for public debut.

Managing Technology Risks…Using Industrial-Strength Change Management

Often, an IT group will be chastised because a new technology inserted into the company did not provide the business benefits that were promised.

Microsoft Debuts New Mac Hardware

It’s not an UMPC designed to run OS X, but a newly designed keyboard and mouse for the stylishly designed Macintosh computer line.

MSN Spaces Tops In Blogs

Microsoft noted how its MSN Spaces blogging service drew more than 100 million visitors in April, and that does not even include its 20 million unique visitors in China.

The Social Media Billing Gap

So my earlier post on the social media services gap kicked up some discussion, and as always, that’s a good thing, right, but I purposely left something out of that post that’s worth touching on now, even if consensus is still lacking — that’s billing.

Read the Freakin’ Blogosphere

Change or die. We hear the phrase all the time. In fact we hear the expression so often that it’s become a drumbeat cliche. Still the change or die mantra is the anthem of the Internet age, like it or not.

The More Things Change…

Edelman’s Phil Gomes offers a thoughtful piece (from Steve Rubel but posted to Phil’s blog) on blogger relations, suggesting that it’s better to build relationships with bloggers than it is to just hurl pitches at them.

Change: It Doesn’t Have To Be So Difficult

The old adage goes: no one likes change. But I believe that people enjoy change; they just don’t know how to change without disrupting their status quo.

Stimulating change in financial communication

Two interesting business events that might appear separate but are in fact closely related:

Edgeio Thoughts

I’m way behind on stuff I’d planned to write (and read) and am also now partially sleep deprived thanks to weird schedule gyrations, SES New York, and The Fire Alarm From Hell at the Sheraton (a story for later). So take this with a grain of salt or two.

Blog Evolution: Managing Change in Blog Focus

Blogs evolve over time. They change even when we aren’t thinking they are changing in any way.

Valleywag on Google’s Hitlist

Could Google’s recent change to their position on manually changing search results be in light of Valleywag? 😉

Gary Price Leaves SEW For AskJeeves

Gary Price is moving on from Search Engine Watch, taking a job as Director of Online Information Resources for AskJeeves, which sounds like a very cool position, so congratulations are in order.


I just started reading “The World is Flat” last night and was struck by this quote by David Schlesinger, who heads Reuters America:

SEO Tips In a Sea of Change

Waves of change have cascaded over the search marketing sector in the past year prompting changes in the methods, business and practice of search engine optimization.

Buy-In: What is it and Why is it So Important?

Until now, we’ve all recognized that buy-In is necessary when implementing change.

Publishing on the Edge will Change the Game

Keith Teare has published The first law of RSS (updated) which says:

Google Clarifies Base Jump Change

Google has now officially acknowledged the placement of jump pages in Google Base, a change that had been quietly implemented recently.

SES Chicago: RSS Blogs and Search Marketing Panel
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The last session I attended on day two of the SES Chicago Search Engine Strategies conference was RSS Blogs and Search Marketing moderated by Danny Sullivan.

Activist Blogs: Blogging For Societal Change
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Activist blogs are becoming a more important feature of the blogosphere. With the acknowledged power of blogging for business and for non-profit organization, it’s reasonable to expect that blogs would become a powerful tool for changing the world.

Name Change For Google Print

Feeling that the name would cause confusion, the folks in charge of the Google Print program have changed the name of the program to Google Book Search.