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The Analytics Opportunity

Final interesting article in DM Review this month – Dealing with Data: Data Analytics: A Huge Opportunity by Shari Rogalski. She does a nice job of summarizing the research and makes some good points. A couple of things I wanted to highlight:

* You must move to a predictive mindset, not an analyze-the-past mindset. Check out my predictive analytics FAQ if you are not sure what this means

Google’s Greed Over a Rollback

Google recently announced they were updating the Adwords Quality Score, however it appears that there is a bug that raises the prices form any advertisers:

Google AdWords Quality Score Has Major Bug

Google AdWords Adds Quality Score Column & To Improved Quality Algorithm from Wednesday warned us of the new changes coming but apparently there is a bug that makes good performing ads prices spike through the roof.

Academy Directs Oscarwatch To Change Name

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, home of Oscar and the Academy Awards, has been cracking hard on blogs using the Oscar name; until this year, they had left Sasha Stone of Oscarwatch.com alone.

That changed on January 22nd. Sasha provided WebProNews with a copy of the letter she received from the Academy, accusing her of infringement on the Oscar mark. The legalese is as accusatory as one might suspect:

The Inclusivity of SL

Earlier this morning, I joined about 20 other avatars in the Reuters Auditorium in Second Life to hear an interview with US politician Mark Warner, former governor of the state of Virginia and potential candidate in the US presidential elections
next year.

How Bluetooth Features Can Change What You Do

Bluetooth is the name for an emerging technology that uses short-range radio links instead of cables to connect portable electronic devices.

BI – Change Your Thinking

An article on the upcoming Gartner BI conference caught my eye.

Opera Mobile Switches From Google to Yahoo

Opera Watch reports that both the Opera Mobile browser (for smartphones and PDAs) and the Opera Mini browser (for mobile phones) are switching the default search provider from Google to Yahoo, ending a one-year agreement with Google for default search.

Proof of Effective SEO and Marketing Techniques

I saw an email with the subject line of PROVEN Adsense Templates, but given Google’s recent change of TOS how can they be proven?

SEO Is About To Change

Highly regarded SEO expert and Enquiro head, Gord Hotchkiss, while chiming in on SEO mythbusters, came to a harrowing conclusion: SEO as we know it is about to change drastically. Change is inevitable, but SEOers are soon to be in a sink or swim situation.

Interim Management: Increasingly Delivering Strategic Change

With a requirement for greater delivery in ever shorter timescales, under increased shareholder pressure and the continual impact of new technology, the life of the Chief Executive isn’t an easy one.

Yahoo China To Change Strategy

Plans are in the works to reorganize Yahoo’s China portal. The company plans to shift towards being a business oriented search engine. Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba Group that oversees Yahoo’s China operations said the change would make Yahoo more competitive.

Houston, We Have Google MLS Listings

With an ongoing lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice in the background, realtors have been under pressure to open their listings so online-only brokers can deliver them to prospective home buyers.

SocialPoint on Sharepoint

This morning we released SocialPoint, or Socialtext running on SharePoint. At first, this may seem counter-intuitive for a company like Socialtext. SharePoint is coming out with wikis and blogs in their 2007 version, why embrace and extend? Let me give you my personal reasons.

Customer service: Company Culture Change

Customer service is an important aspect of any business. Without customers to purchase the business’s products and services, the company cash flow dries up faster than a rain shower in the Sahara.

CRM: The Impending Sea Change

Bits, pieces. Bits, bytes. Things are afoot, all pointing to an increased ability for the customer to control his or her own destiny more effectively.

Terapad Aims to Change the Blogging Game

A new UK-based hosted blog service came out of private beta last week and is now open for business.

How Do You Grow?
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Been thinking about this one a lot recently. We all change and (hopefully!) evolve over time.

You Down with ODP?

In a recent Matt Cutts blog post (for the unaware: Matt Cutts is a Google engineer, one relatively famous in this admittedly rarified subsphere of society) the great sage introduced the META “NOODP” tag, and how it can help webmasters control, somewhat, the appearance of their results in Google.

Will Bluetooth Technology Change Everything?
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Blue Tooth is technology that is reshaping the definition of what it means to be wireless.

Buffett funds Gates Foundation

There aren’t many people in the world that that headline could be written about. But, nice to see Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates joining forces to change the world.

Effect of Organizational Culture on KM Technology

Park, Ribiere and Schulte (2004) in their study, investigate the key attributes of organizational culture that support more effective application of knowledge management (KM) technologies.