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How Much Have Kids Changed Between 1982-2012?

The following infographic covers the differences in music, movies, video games, and sports stars that have influenced the generations. According to this source, kids today are less likely to use marijuana and cigarettes and more likely to practice safe sex, however, they are less likely to finish high school. Decreased graduation risks might be correlated with the devaluation of college …

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New Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages

As promised, Facebook has begun to “roll out” its new timeline for brand pages. This is the next step in a series Facebook has taken to phase in the new feature for all users. Soon the option will no longer be, well, an option, as Facebook plans to have all personal and brand pages running on timeline by the end …

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Google Testing New, Lighter Colors In Search Results

When it comes to colors, there’s a whole world of study which continues to look at the effects various colors have on our psychology. There are two schools of color when talking about psychology; warm and cool. Warm colors are represented by red, orange, and yellow. These colors invoke emotions such as warmth, comfort, but can stir up anger and …

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