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Yahoo & Friends to Challenge iPod

A new consortium of challengers has banded together to dethrone Apple as the undisputed champion of portable media devices. Yahoo, Sandisk, and Zing have teamed up to release a new wireless mp3 player that the companies hope will steal away some market share from the iPod.

Another SEO Challenge, This Time for Godin

If you don’t know who Seth Godin is, you probably don’t read a lot of marketing blogs or marketing books. He’s authored about a dozen, including my personal favorite entitled “All Marketers Are Liars.” He’s spoken at Google and his blog was recently listed as the number 1 marketing blog in the world.

Ok, enough with his bio; one of his recent posts greatly disappointed me, because he apparently doesn’t understand SEO. After looking deeply at his blog, I was horrified to discover some major downfalls. So I’m going to make some claims, show some evidence and put forth a logical case against his view point and I’m even going to slam his article on SEO as naïve, ill-contrived and most importantly, encouraging of a very expensive mistake for business owners. I’ve got nothing personally against him, but when someone that public publishes something so ignorant concerning a large part of my profession, it warrants a strong response.

Microsoft Releases Deepfish for Windows Mobile

A prototype browser called Deepfish arrived for the Windows Mobile platform, stirring up opinions that Microsoft may be more than a little concerned about not owning the dominant browser on mobile phones.

Google Looks To Improve Health Search
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When searching for health information online, it’s hard to know what sites are trustworthy. Google has a system for marking authoritative results, but by the company’s own admission most users are unaware of how to interpret the indicators. So how can the experience of searching for health-related information be improved?

Patel’s Calacanis Challenge Update

On Monday I blogged about the Jason Calacanis challenge and how he received a 21% increase in traffic with only 10% of the changes being made so far. Many people have been wondering what the 10% of the changes were and some have even blogged that it could have been a fluke.

Just to give everyone a better understanding of how I calculated the 21% increase, I first took the 6 days before SEO was done and compared it to 6 other days roughly 20 days after SEO was implemented. The data before SEO was done was a bit biased because on one of the days his traffic doubled because he wrote on the Oscars and the following day his traffic returned to normal. On that Monday, if he had normal traffic and did not blog on the Oscars his search traffic due to SEO would have increased by over 40%.

Will Calacanis Evangelize SEO?

Neil Patel has provided an update on his challenge to show Jason Calacanis that SEO is not “snake oil” and can in fact help a site increase its search engine traffic.

Patel Doing Well On Calacanis Challenge

Neil Patel stood up to Jason Calacanis’ SEO criticisms with a simple request: let me increase your daily search traffic by a minimum of 10 to 20 percent.

AOL Challenges iPhone With Mobile Winamp
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AOL is set to launch a new mobile product next week that will allow users to connect to their PC-based music collections from their mobile phones. An extension of the hardly noticed Winamp Remote PC-to-PC media streaming service that launched earlier, the PC-to-mobile service, in effect, turns a mobile phone into a MP3 player.

Hitwise: Where Did You Fill Out Your Brackets?

March Madness begins today and already the tournament action is in full swing with enough opening round games to satisfy even the most ravenous of college basketball appetites.

March Madness Online: 5 Top Spots

The sports wasteland of February has been brushed away as the NCAA men’s basketball tournament gets under way. Here are some sites that will have you setting up a bracket and getting back to work without costing your employer $75 billion in productivity losses.

Kaushik Challenges ClickTracks

Avinash Kaushik has challenged Web Analytics vendor ClickTracks to release more advanced features of their free analytics product: ClickTracks Appetizer. In exchange Avinash will be teaching next week’s ClickTracks Seminar: online marketing and web analytics techniques

Calacanis Accepts The SEO Challenge

After he called the SEO industry a bunch of snake oil salesmen and warned people away from smoking the "SEO crack," venture capitalist Jason Calacanis found himself on the receiving end of a call to action.

Google Phone To Challenge Apple iPhone?

Engadget is reporting that they have received information from an inside source with product information about the near-mythical Google branded cellular phone, which has been the topic of much speculation over recent months.

Mobile Marketing A Challenge

Mobile Marketing is not something the majority of Americans are looking forward to. That is according to a new report from Forrester Research titled “Is the U.S. Ready for Mobile Marketing?” 79 percent of online users cannot abide the idea of ads on their mobile phones. Only 3 percent are willing to trust text ads on their mobile phone.

The Google Big Idea Challenge

Sam Davyson says, “This morning in my university pigeon hole I got a flyer about the Google Big Idea challenge. they are targetting grads.”

Scoble Is The Intel Mystery Blogger

Rohit has revealed that the Intel mystery blogger is none other than Robert Scoble.

Mystery Blogger in Intels Blogger Challenge

So, the secret is out, I was the mystery blogger over on the Intel blogger challenge.

Intel Launches Blogger Challenge

Today marks the launch of another unique personal media campaign with Intel – this time a collaboration between six rising stars of the blogosphere.

Challenge of ERP Implementation Q & A
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Question: ERPs seem like a good idea, so why is return on investment so low?

Will CEM Ever Challenge its Rich Cousin CRM?

Recently Customer Experience Management (CEM) has started to get more profile but it is still just a good idea emerging into an area of marketing thought currently dominated by Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Mashup developer challenge – a reminder

The BT Developer’s Challenge is encouraging developers to create a mashup using some of the tools available via programmableweb.