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No Assembly Required: This “Smart Chair” Assembles Itself

Over the years, furniture hasn’t really evolved The tools we use to make furniture have evolved, but the furniture itself has remained largely the same. Well, that’s not the case anymore as Belgian designer and engineer Carl de Smet has created a smart foam technology that can be packed down to a small size, and then expanded to a set …

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This Chair Shows The Abusive, Anti-Consumer Side Of DRM

DRM is a fact of life these days. Every company wants to protect their digital content with varying degrees of security from product codes to always online Internet connections. The sad part is that most DRM solutions fail to stop pirates, while hurting legitimate consumers. Even sadder, most consumers never question these practices. So, what would happen if companies started …

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Inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair: Sadly, Not For Adults

If your the kind of guy that loves to debate on who is the better captain, Kirk or Picard, this is the home furnishing for you. (It’s Picard by the way). Introducing the Inflatable Captain’s Chair from ThinkGeek. You may already know ThinkGeek for their collection of science and geek related merchandise. And this is probably the geekiest of them …

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