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6-Year-Old Chained To Bed By Father

A Utah man has been accused of chaining his six-year-old son to a bed while he went to work. Authorities went to the boy’s home on Tuesday morning after receiving an anonymous tip of child abuse. Police found the boy chained to the bed and home alone. His father was at work. The boy was chained to a metal bedframe …

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Chaining 6-Year-Old Son To Bed Gets Utah Dad Jailed

Babysitters are expensive. Daycare services get expensive. EVERYTHING is more expensive in a post-recession America. That I understand. However, none of that explains this bizarre solution that one Utah father used to keep his young son “secure” while he worked. The Associated Press reports that on Tuesday, authorities filed child abuse charges against a Logan, Utah man who regularly chained …

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Man Arrested For Chaining 6-Year-Old Son To Bed

On Tuesday, June 10, police arrested a Utah man after finding his 6-year-old son chained to a metal bed frame while he was at work. Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen revealed that they found the boy home alone chained to the bed with a padlock around his ankles. The authorities arrived at the home, located approximately 80 miles north …

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